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Pros and Cons of Having Tubes Tied

It’s My Body and I’ll Tie if I Want To

When we found out we were pregnant with this baby, Mark’s immediate reaction was to declare his intentions on getting a vasectomy. While he loves me and loves our children, he does NOT love pregnancy’s effect on his wife – neither physical  nor psychological. While initially we both were on the same page with how […]

Perfect Pot Roast Every Time

Perfect Pot Roast Every Time

A while back I shared a recipe for Slow Cooker Pot Roast, which is delicious and totally easy for even a beginner to make. But when I’m in the mood to make something really special, I insist on making this recipe. It is far too delicious and still not very difficult to achieve. If you’ve […]

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Having the first part of the VQ Scan, which involved breathing radioactive gas through a mask

And So It Continues…

In the never-ending saga of my pregnancy story, this last week was one for the books. As I talked about in my last post, I was really excited to FINALLY have a proper OB appointment, wherein I would meet my NEW doctor and be able to talk about all the stuff that had been going on (including two ... read more