23 weeks pregnant bump

Feeling Super Fat in Pregnancy

My husband has a great way of making me feel bad about myself. This morning as I was half naked, getting dressed, he says, “Wow. Your bump is really big.” Yep. I knew this, and I smiled. “I know,” I said. He shakes his head in wonder. “No, I mean, it’s like as big as… [read more]

Mama and Baby Love

The Question I Ask My Kids Every Day

Every night, before going to sleep, I whisper the same prayer. I am not a religious person, but it makes me feel better to ask whatever powers that be to watch out for our family. I ask that my children be safe, happy, healthy and at peace with the world around them. I ask that… [read more]

Breastfeeding in public - keeping covered with a blanket

#StopCensoringMotherhood – Overexposure

Somewhere in the depths of my Facebook account is a photo album chronicling the birth of my first son. Included in the album are photos of our trip to the hospital, the early stages of labor, and an unflattering look at my grotesquely over-inflated bottom as the anesthesiologist prepared me for a much-needed epidural. There is… [read more]

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Featured Recipes


How To Roast Pumpkin Seeds

If you are as pumpkin crazy as I am, you're bound to have gutted a few this year, either to carve or to bake. But did you know that all those guts you threw … [read more]

Featured Crafts

Magazine Rack - After it's all done

Painting a Magazine Rack

I'm a sucker for cute and colorful furniture. I've lived with white walls for most of my life, and I've found the best way to decorate is to have fun with … [read more]

Featured Travel

Mommy and the Boys

Lake Eola Farmers Market

Yesterday we checked out a new Farmers Market that we hadn't been to before! My friend Amy suggested we join her and her friend, Peggy, for a trek into downtown … [read more]

mismatched baby shoes

It’s the Little Things

When I breathe in, the air is crisp and clean and fragrant. I breathe out and let go all of the worries and fears and struggles that I have been keeping deep … [read more]