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Husbands are messy. I ain’t gonna lie. And nowhere are they messier than in their own Man Cave. My husband might have the messiest home office you’ve ever seen.

Last week, while he was off in California on business, I was browsing through a huge choice of home ware online, and I was drawn to the section titled Storage Solutions and Organisers. I’ll be honest… I’m a sucker for a good storage solution. And as I salivated over all the unique ways I could get this house in order, and it hit me! Re-do Mark’s office!

Now, you’re going to need a bit of perspective here. Because what I’m about to show you might actually make you feel a bit sick. I posted some of these photos online, and someone made the comment, “I thought you’d been burgled.”

Yah. It was that bad.

Man Cave "Before"

Man Cave "Before"

Man Cave "Before"

Man Cave "Before"

Man Cave "Before"

I think I ought to speak up and defend my hubby just a little bit. Obviously (if you couldn’t tell from all the wires and computers) he is a techie. He is the Chief Technology Officer for his company, and he literally works 13 hours a day at his computer. He has every conceivable gadget you could imagine, which means tons of boxes, packing materials and wires can be found all over the place. And since he works so very hard, it’s not really easy to find the time to clean or organize his room.

And don’t get me started on his closet (the doors don’t even close!)

Man Cave "Before"

So I felt it was part of my wifely duties to help a guy out. Since he was gone for a week, and I had the time, I figured I would forgo obsessing over the durable range of cookware and accessories I kept salivating over and clean and reorganize the place where Mark spends the vast amount of his time.

Aren’t I a good wifey?

I’ll be honest here – it wasn’t an easy task. Not only were there big pieces of garbage all around, but I found several dead bugs, moldy Starbucks containers, a half-eaten waffle (I am so ashamed right now) and even tiny little screws all over the floor. This last one made me really concerned, as I know the baby occasionally breaks free his chains, climbs the stairs and heads straight for this room. What if he’d eaten one of them??

The first step was to clean everything and get rid of all obvious garbage.

Removing garbage

The hallway became the repository for all crap. I got rid of all boxes that weren’t specific product boxes (I kept those since you never know when you might need original packaging).

office clean in progress

I found literally hundreds of wires, cords and cables all jumbled together in a giant nest. It took me HOURS to get them separated!

Office In Process (3)

I tried to keep like things together so that it would be easier to organize when I was ready to put the room back together.

I ended up heading to our local Garage Sale Store to try and find some form of shelving for the room. I spent $130 to buy two second hand Ikea units that came assembled and with canvas drawers. They would give me ample storage, and they looked like something you would find in a grown up office.

I also looked around until I found some lovely framed black and white beach photos. I wanted something calming for him to look at so that his office became his safe place. I thought beaches and water would be nice to look at.

Of course, in the end, I wound up hanging his favorite painting of Chun Li (a gift from a friend a few years ago) right above his desk so he’d have something fun to look at.

When all was done, I was actually pleasantly surprised. I managed to separate every cord into categories, and every drawer is filled with a different type.

Office reveal

I kept the ugly old dressers that came with the house, and they each also have specific tech inside so that everything has its own spot.

I placed some family photos on top of the shelves so that the room had some personal touches. And I made sure his box fan was in a place that would do some good.

Office reveal

I would have liked to have painted the walls and had the carpet cleaned. There are crayon marks all over, and the carpet has paint stains from the previous owners kids. I’ll probably at least get an area rug at some point to cover the damage.

Office space after

I didn’t dare move the desk from its spot since it had so many computer parts plugged in. As Mark was using the computer in California (remoting into it for work), I couldn’t unplug it or disconnect anything for fear of causing issues. So I simply cleaned it up and cleared the rest of it. I left a small file cabinet near the desk so the printer had somewhere to go, and the drawers have personal files in them at easy access.

The room looks so much more open!

Finally, I made sure the closet was cleaned and organized and that the drawers could easily close.

Closet reveal

At least whatever little clutter is left can be easily hidden.

So there it is. My gift to hubby when he came home. A new and improved office space where he can work in peace and have a bit of a nicer environment.

What do you think? Did I do well? What other organizational tricks do you know that I could try? And does anyone have tips for getting paint out of carpets?

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  1. I would love to hear what he thought of his room make over! what a fantastic job!

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