9 weeks (2)

Well I’m nine weeks pregnant this week. And things are getting interesting. I know it sounds crazy (and it probably IS), but I swear that I can feel something moving within. It is far too early for me to be feeling it, yet… I know what a baby feels like, and I am  having the exact sensations of movement. Probably it is a shifting of internal organs or some such, but the whimsical part of me wants to believe that I have some form of super baby inside of me that desperately wants me to know about her presence.

And yes, I just referred to the baby as “her.” I’m doing some positive thinking, trying to WILL a girl into existence. Mark thinks I’m nuts, and he keeps saying that whatever we say, do or think, the baby will be whatever sex it is, but I have to try! It helps that Dexter has repeatedly told me that he is going to have a sister. Before we knew what Daniel was, Dexter had said he was a brother, so I trust his judgement.  And since this pregnancy is totally different to EITHER of my other two so far, I am inclined to think the reason is something to do with extra estrogen.

9 weeks pregnant - third baby

As you can tell, my SUPER bloat has gone down a bit, though a little bump has formed in its place, and my lower abdomen is hard as a rock. I am in maternity wear already, or at least clothes that kind of look like maternity wear (empire waisted dresses and such), which helps to accentuate my bump. I like to look as pregnant as possible so that people can tell I’m with child and not just fat. Especially because my appetite has grown, and I am quite likely to be stuffing my face wherever I go.

Speaking of food – as hungry as I am, there is NOTHING in this world that I have found so far that doesn’t make me curl up into the fetal position and want to die. With Dexter, I had no morning sickness to speak of, though I had a couple of instances of vomiting. With Daniel, I literally vomited day and night for 9 months. But with this little bean, I am somewhere in the middle. I have had instances of vomiting, but mostly it is just an unrelenting, all-consuming, absolutely awful feeling of nausea. I have a constantly sour stomach, and NOTHING takes the edge off. I am taking Unisom at night, as well as vitamin B6 during the day because my OB suggested it. But while it helped a tiny bit, mostly it does nothing.

Suggestions are more than welcome, by the way. I’ve done ginger, pressure points, teas, and crackers in the morning. But yah… I’m pretty much boned.

9 weeks pregnant - third child

In other news, I’m tired all the time, I’m cranky and I’ve got the CRAZIEST sense of smell. I can’t cook as much as I used to or do the dishes or anything like that because the slightest smells set me running to the toilet. I’ve had this in my previous pregnancies, but not NEARLY to this extent.

I cry a LOT. At the STUPIDEST things. Seriously, I cried yesterday when Dexter was playing with his toy cars, and one of them fell off a pretend cliff. It made me so sad that I was literally heaving with sobs. For their part, the kids are really intuitively taking care of me. Dexter comes and sits on my lap and holds me close. He’s also taken to coming into my bed at night and snuggling me. He literally holds on to me so tight that I wonder if he’s afraid of something. And Daniel makes sure to give me tons of smiles all the time. He comes over and climbs into my lap, pressing his forehead against mine and says, “I Love You,” in his baby speak. It’s crazy cute and melts my heart.

So that’s really it for this week. I have a scan on the 23rd, and I’ll have all my early testing done (blood work, urine, etc) and all the genetic tests for the baby to rule out any abnormalities. I’m so excited to get there and to see the little smudge on screen. Our last scan was just a tiny dot, so this time it’ll actually look like a BABY!

Oh – and just as a fun way to end this, I will let you in on the nickname this little one has received, courtesy of big brother Dexter. He has very kindly let us know that her name is…… DINOSAURS!

So there you have it.

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