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Arts and crafts with kids helps them to see the world in abstract ways and has been proven to help them do better academically.


Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual. But thankfully we have hundreds of years of experience and education to help guide us.

Home School

Times are tough right now, and more and more parents are turning to home school and distance learning to get through.

Kids’ Activities

Looking for ways to keep your kids happy and active while stuck at home? Want to keep them challenged and stimulated while also making sure you are keeping it as simple as possible? Check out these awesome activities all geared toward children.

Free Printables

For Downtime

These fun printables include coloring pages, math and reading worksheets, puzzles, flash cards and other great pages for kids to enjoy when they aren’t busy with other work.

STEAM Projects

For Curiosity

These fun activities will challenge your kids to discover a whole new world of science and technology as they perform experiments, and create magic from everyday objects they have at home.

Kids’ Crafts

For Creativity

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with a selection of fun crafts that they can create using basic items you can get out of the recycling bin or buy inexpensively from the dollar store.

Family Favorite Recipes


Delicious meals for the whole family


Decadent desserts for home or to share.


Side dishes to go with any meal.


Snacks to satisfy a craving.


Thirst quenchers and delightful refreshers.


Morning magnificence.


Your post about being a rainbow baby really stuck with me. I lost my son 3 years ago and now have a beautiful baby girl. I know I need to be careful to make sure she knows that she is not a replacement child, but a beautiful blessing all on her own.

Helen B.

Thank you so much for these amazing sight word flash cards! They are the best I’ve found anywhere and you’ve provided them for free, which is so kind and amazing! This site is such a great resource for moms AND teachers!

Melissa D.

I found this site through The Ellen Show, and I’m so glad I did! I love your fun recipes and your sense of humor. Thanks for making motherhood look more real. I’m so tired of the perfect moms out there who make it look so easy. WE SEE YOU!

Ruthie R.

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