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10 Cheap Ideas for Dating Your Spouse

10 Cheap Ideas for Dating Your Spouse

Now that you’re married, it may be that alone time for dating your spouse is hard to find. Between work commitments, children and your social schedule, your relationship has fallen by the wayside. But don’t worry. Whatever your budget and whatever your home situation, there are so many ways to put the spark back into your relationship. Getting together for a date night once in a while can be your saving grace.

Here are 10 Ideas for Dating Your Spouse.


Go into your back yard, lay in the grass or on a blanket and watch the twinkling of the stars together. It’s a romantic way to cuddle, and it gives you a chance to talk about life together. It’s also great for parents who can’t get a babysitter. Either wait until the kids are in bed or bring them out with you and appreciate the time spent as a family.


Another great one for when you can’t get a sitter or don’t have a lot of money is to have an evening of making costumes. Look around your house and have each spouse make a costume for the other out of whatever clothing you have on hand. Do each other’s makeup to complete the look. You’ll have so much fun together laughing at how silly the other one looks. Humor is a great aphrodisiac!


Go out on the town, to a local park or anywhere picturesque with a camera. Dress up in your best or most fun outfit and spend your time taking photos of one another. Try to hit up new places each time and have fun posing with your surroundings. Have strangers take a few photos of both of you together. At the end of the date, you have some amazing photos to place in a scrapbook or frame on your wall.


Do a little research about your town or city and find some interesting places to explore. Then grab your partner and a camera and do your own walking tour! Play tour guide by explaining what makes each site interesting. Many cities will have bikes you can rent to ride around, which means you can go further, faster. You could even hop on a bus to get you from point A to point B. It’s a great way to get to know your city and spend some time together, as well.


Pick a dish that is fun to share – a pizza, an ice cream sundae, a salad – and buy all the ingredients. Turn on some smooth jazz (or your favorite easy listening album) and throw on a fun apron. Open your cookbook and read it together as you make your chosen dish. Not only will you have so much fun creating your masterpiece together, but you then get to eat it together, too! Make sure to grab a few candles for the table and turn the lights down low!


Every seasonal change is a perfect opportunity for a new date! Use the weather and environment to your advantage. When the snow is heavy and you don’t want to go out, put on your gloves and a cute hat and make a snowman together. Backyard covered in leaves? Rake them up and have fun jumping in the pile together! Bonus points for any cool moves you throw into the mix! Summer sun beating down on you? Have a BBQ or hit the beach! Seeing your partner in their swimsuit is a great way to get the blood flowing! And when Spring flowers are blooming, grab an umbrella and take a long walk in a beautiful nature reserve. The options are endless!


Look through old photo albums and videos from the start of your relationship. Talk about how you felt then versus how you feel now. Remember the fun you had as a couple. Reinvigorate those early feelings by talking about how lucky you feel to be able to be married to your best friend.


Set a budget of $5 – 10 each and hit up a thrift store. Each of you can buy your partner an outfit that they then have to wear for the rest of the date. Go out on the town, out to dinner, or go home and have a game night! You won’t be able to help but laugh at each other’s new threads.


Grab an old blanket, some paper plates and plastic forks and either make or buy some sandwiches, chips, dip, or whatever else you know your partner likes. Add in some wine or soft drinks and hit the road! Go somewhere quiet and beautiful and enjoy an hour or two to yourselves. Lay back and watch the clouds drift by and try and point out funny shapes or pictures in the sky. Hold hands, read to each other or just enjoy some cuddling.


Pick a movie that you’ve both been wanting to see, pop some popcorn, have a few treats and some wine, and cuddle up under a blanket to watch together. If the weather permits, grab a cheap projector and an old bed sheet and create a back yard movie theater! However you choose to do it, there’s nothing better than cuddling your spouse while watching a fun movie.

Ideas for Dating your spouse are endless if you put a little thought in. Most of these ones are great for those with children or who are trying to stick to a budget, but there are thousands more if these are not an issue for you. Whatever way you choose of dating your spouse, you will get tons of credit for putting some thought into it.

What other ideas do you have for dating your spouse?


Sunday 7th of July 2019

Woow amazing article, thanks for these dating ideas. I'm a mother of three and I can say I can't remember the last time I had a time out with my hobby. But I will definitely try these ideas out. Thanks