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10 Low Cost Snack Ideas for Hiking with Kids

10 Low Cost Snack Ideas for Hiking with Kids

If you’ve ever taken a trip with kids, you’ll know that they almost always seem to be hungry at the least opportune times. You could be driving in the middle of no-where and suddenly your child is filled with a ravenous hunger that just won’t let them, or you, forget. If you’re planning on hiking with kids soon, you can expect more of the same. Luckily, there are several low cost snacks that you can take with you to beat back the “Hunger Monster” while you’re on the trail.

10 Low Cost Snack Ideas for Hiking with Kids

RaisinsNot only are raisins a good source of iron, but they’ve also got 6g of fiber in them. Using them in a snack mix or by themselves as a snack is a great way to help your kids feel full without needing a full meal. Carry them in small food storage bowls with lids or in a Ziploc bag for portability.

BananasBananas are both healthy and yummy so your kids will love them as a snack! Carry a couple of fresh bananas as a hiking snack or dehydrate them into homemade banana chips for a “special” treat!

Peanut butter to go cupsPeanut butter is high protein which translates into energy for your kids. To keep them from feeling hungry and sluggish on the hiking trail, take some to go peanut butter cups and a few celery or carrot sticks as a snack.

Yogurt bitesYogurt bites that are filled with fruit, nuts or other yummy treats are great for taking as a low cost hiking snack. Make them up day or two before your hiking trip and let them kids munch on them as you walk.

Chocolate covered or yogurt covered pretzels – Buy a bag of pretzels and some white or milk chocolate chips. Drop the pretzels into a bowl of melted chocolate then using a fork, place them on wax or parchment paper to harden. You’ve got a quick and yummy snack idea! If you don’t want to use chocolate, you can use yogurt bark to make them too!

Cheerios or other cereals – Cheerios, Golden Grahams, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and other kid friendly cereals make great snacks for hiking with kids. Keep them in small, hard snack containers to avoid the food being crushed. If you want to add milk to them, you could pair them with shelf stable Silk for an easy breakfast and snack!

Peanut Butter crackersPeanut butter crackers are another kid friendly snack that is great for hiking! Buy the individual packs for around $0.50 each or buy in bulk to save. If you want to go the homemade route, just be sure that you carry them in a container where they not only won’t be crushed but won’t get peanut butter everywhere too.

Mixed NutsMixed nuts, especially almonds, cashews and pecans, are both healthy snack options but kid friendly too for older kids. Use them to make your own trail mix (be sure to include those raisins!) or just carry the nuts by themselves for quick handfuls.

Granola BarsGranola bars or cereal bars are another awesome snack option for hiking with kids! They’re quick, usually individually packaged (which makes them easy to carry) and provide both the nutrition and energy that your kids will need for their little legs to carry them through the hiking trip.

Flavored granolaBob’s Red Mill is just one company that makes flavored granola. Carry your favorite flavors with you as a quick and easy snack for the kids. Try the Apple Blueberry flavor for a sweet treat that isn’t packed with sugar. They’ll love it!


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Wednesday 5th of October 2016

We love to go hiking and snacks are an absolute must. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas. Love them all!

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Thursday 1st of September 2016

Great and easy snacks for kids on hiking!!

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