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10 Ways To Get Fit Without the Gym

10 ways to get fit without the gym

Losing weight and getting into shape is sometimes a difficult process. It requires lots of willpower, sacrifices of time, passing on foods that you love and much more. But it doesn’t have to require a huge sacrifice to your budget!

Gym memberships and personal trainers can be incredibly expensive and are often a long-term commitment that you may be uncomfortable with. Below are ten ways to stay physically fit and active without paying the price of the gym.

Fitness DVDs

There is such a wide range of fitness DVDs out there these days! You can learn Zumba, yoga, Pilates and more all from the comfort of your own home.

Free Weights

There are several different styles of free weights on the market and all are quite affordable. You can choose from hand weights, medicine balls and kettle bells for an inexpensive way to strength train at home. And most of these products include exercise ideas in the product packaging.

Tension Bands

These are such a great and low impact way to build lean muscle. They are excellent for beginners and advanced experts and they store easily and take up little space. These also will pack away into a suitcase to have a way to workout while traveling.


This is one of the best and most readily available forms of exercise. Just put on your shoes and go for a walk! You could walk around your neighborhood or around the mall. There may be a local high school or college that allows people to walk on the track at their stadium as well. Or if the weather doesn’t permit, try a walking DVD.

Stair Climbing

You don’t need a gym or an expensive piece of equipment to get in some incredible waist trimming stair climbing. Try walking the stairs at a nearby stadium or find a business such as a hospital that has several flights of stairs that you could climb.

Fitness Group

Create your own fitness group that meets consistently to work out together. You could create a walking group that meets at the track each day, a group of friends to meet at someone’s home and do yoga together and much more.


Their boards aren’t just for recipes and craft projects. There is a wealth of information available on Pinterest to give you ideas of how to do your own workouts at home. And most of the resources that are linked on Pinterest are totally free!

Body Weight

There are so many incredible workouts that can be done just using your own body weight. You can tone your core with sit-ups and crunches, your legs with squats and your arms with push ups – no equipment, DVDs or instructors necessary.

Fitness Books

Keep an eye out for good deals on fitness books at thrift stores or yard sales or Amazon or great deals on fitness magazines. Even if you don’t care to keep an entire book or piles of magazines, many are full of great pictures of workout demonstrations that you can tear out to keep for ideas of at home workouts.

Trade Services

If you know someone who is a fitness, yoga or Pilates instructor, you could easily find a way to trade services. For example, you could trade child sitting services in exchange for weekly fitness instruction or any other skill or craft that you can trade.

These tips will easily take the burden of finances off of your plate when you are working towards a healthier lifestyle. Everyone should be able to afford fitness because no one’s health can afford to not be fit and active!

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