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125 Baby Names That Mean Blessing

125 Baby Names That Mean Blessing

What parent wouldn’t consider their child a blessing? Choosing a baby name that means blessing would be a great way to show your child just how much you consider them the light of your life.

Blessing is a word that can be translated into many different languages and yet still hold the same meaning. What does it mean to be blessed? To be given a blessing is to be showered with affection, to receive love and happiness from someone else. One thing stays true throughout its thousands of years of existence: the significance and overall message that it conveys is as a miraculous, heavenly gift.

If you’ve ever had an affinity for the transience and wonder of life, then you’ll understand that a baby is truly a gift. A child may be seen as a spiritual offering or a rainbow after a storm for some. Many will feel that having a baby has saved their lives in some manner. Whatever the reason, having a little one is truly a blessing.

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According to Nameberry, the name Blessing has recently risen in popularity in the United States, and it’s been a top 1000 hit in the United Kingdom for some time. It belongs to names that are considered to be spiritual, which implies it has an attribute you want your kid to exhibit. Whatever your reasons for wanting a name that means blessing, you’re sure to find one you love in this list.

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Girl’s Names That Mean Blessing


This is a Persian name associated with the supernatural. It means charm, spell, or miracles. Across the Arabic world it has a positive association and is very popular.


This name has a Hindi origin and means blessing. It is rising in popularity, and is currently in the top 200, having jumped over 100 places in the last few years.


Althea is of Greek origin and means “blessed with healing abilities. In the past it was used for shamans and healers, but now it is a sweet and popular name for girls.


This name has multiple origins, including Greek, Arabic, Hebrew and Slavic. It has several meanings such as blessed, beautiful and sky. Popular variations include Aaliyah, alia and Aalya.


Anjali is a beautiful Indian name that comes from Sanskrit. It means gift.


Anna comes from the Hebrew name, Hannah. It translates to grace or blessing. It is very popular, and there are many famous Annas now and throughout history.


This name is of Scandinavian origin and comes from the name Assfrior. Frior means blessed, beautiful and fair. A few years ago this would have seemed like an old woman’s name, but it is coming back into favor.


You may recognize this name from the princess in Sleeping Beauty or the proper name of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). But the Latin meaning is simply “dawn” or “the one who is blessed.”


This Arabic baby girl name simply means “miracle.”


This lovely name has a strong and wise feel to it thanks to the character in Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” The Latin name means “she who brings happiness” or simply “blessed.”


This playful name is perfect for book nerds or those who are dreamers. The name means “blessed,” and it is very similar to Beatrice, however most would recognize it from the author of the Peter Rabbit books, Beatrix Potter.


Another version of the name Beatrice comes in the African name Behati, which means exactly the same thing. The most famous to don this moniker is probably Behati Prinsloo, model and wife of Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine.


This heavenly name comes from the Latin word caelestis and means miraculous. It is most popular in French-, Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking countries.


A similar name to Celeste, Celia comes from the Latin word caelum, meaning heaven or “the blessed land.” It is often a nickname for Cecelia, Celeste or Celestina.


A variation of Diane, this name has Indo-European roots. It has various meanings, one of which is “a messenger of blessings.”


This name has French and Greek roots and means divine or blessed. Variations on the name include Deon or Dion.


This name was hugely popular in the early 20th century. It also has a literary history from the beautiful, smart character in Cervantes’ classic “Don Quixote.”


This name derives from the Norse goddess Eir, who had amazing healing abilities. It is a very popular girls name in Wales.


This name comes from Germany and can mean noble, blessed or “god is my oath.” It can sometimes be used as a shortened form of Elisabeth. Of course, these days it is most recognized as the main protagonist from the Disney film, “Frozen.”


This name has Latin and Greek origins and means “heaven” or “the blessed land.” It is derived from Elysium or the Elysian Fields, which is the final resting place for heroes in Greek mythology.


This French name means “God’s blessing,” and it is perfect for those who love “gen” names but don’t want such popular names like Jennifer.


This name is Italian in origin and means “God’s gracious gift.” Short and sweet, it’s a graceful name that also has a tough edge.


A form of the Latin name Grace, it is a blessing from God.


If you haven’t heard this name, you’ve been living under a rock. Though you may be forgiven for not knowing that it comes from the Welsh language and means blessed and happy.


Derived from Sanskrit, this Indian name translates to “divine blessing.” Another variation on the name is Anita.


This name comes from the Hebrew “Channa.” In the Old Testament, Hannah is the mother of Samuel. The name means grace or blessing. A derivative is the name Anna.


This name has Norse and German origins and is popular in many Scandinavian countries. It means “blessed with beauty.


This name has been around since Tudor times and was never thought of as plain. It wasn’t until it had become saturated and commonplace that it got the reputation as generic. Be that as it may, the name still means “God is Gracious.”


Believe it or not, Janet is Scottish in origin. It means “God’s blessing,” and is very popular in the UK.


This name comes from Roman mythology. It means “blessed queen.”


This popular Indian name means miracle. Famous Bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor is a well-known namesake.


Keilani is a beautiful Hawaiian name meant to give thanks for the blessings of nature. It is fast growing in popularity, so we’re sure to see plenty of little Keilanis roaming around in the future.


This magical name was once given to those who had gifts of prophesy. The Greeks had great respect for such seers, and the name translates to “miracle” or “magic.”


This name is quite common in both France and Spain. With Latin origins, it means “blessed with beauty.”


A Spanish name meaning miracle, it is definitely one to consider. It also can mean “Mars-like,” so it would be perfect if your daughter is born on a Tuesday since this day is devoted to Mars!


This is a beautiful Arabic name that is a variation of Mehvash. It means “blessing of life” but sounds much edgier.


This Japanese name could be very trendy given the chance. It’s a beautiful name that means blessing.


Another name that means blessing, this one is popular in India. Appearing in lots of TV shows and movies, this Arabic name can also be spelled Meher.


Despite the well-known German luxury car company, Mercedes is a Spanish name that translates to “gracious gifts and benefits.” What a lovely name for a baby girl! In fact, that very car company was named for the founder’s own daughter!


This name sounds exactly like its meaning: miracle. It’s a little cooler and funkier than Michelle.


This Spanish name means “miracles.” It is a common name in Hispanic communities. In some cultures, the Virgin Mary is referred to as Santa Maria de Los Milagros, which gives this name a religious bent. Variations include Mila, which is a sweet name to consider.


This simple and straightforward name is in the Top 500 baby names. This is a popular name for Rainbow Babies, but it’s great for any child that you consider a blessing.


This is another name that means miracle. It’s of Basque origins and was quite fashionable in the 20th century.


This popular name gained attention through Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” From the Latin for miraculous,” it is a lovely name with many derivatives. Mira, Mandy, Randi, and even Andi are all great nicknames.


This unusual Spanish name also means, you guessed it, miracle. Panama’s first female president was Mireya Moscow, so it’s definitely a name destined for great things!


This is definitely a name for those who speak French, as the pronunciation can be tricky: meer-ay. But a beautiful name with a miraculous meaning is definitely worth it.


The Roman goddess of funerals was named Naenia. Romans would sing a funeral dirge or recite an incantation to her to bless their comrades into the afterlife. What an interesting history!


This Jewish name has Biblical connotations. In Hebrew it means pleasant or a blessing. There are plenty of famous Naomis, which makes it seem like a total ‘It Girl” name.


This Hebrew name means “god’s miracle.” It is unique and unassuming, and perfectly adorable.


Very similar to Nasia with a similar meaning. In Israel, it is a top 20 name. It’s a little funkier than its counterpart.


Nessa is know known as a shortened from of Agnes in Scandinavian countries (or Vanessa in more Eurocentric countries), but its Jewish meaning is “miracle.” It’s a popular name in many movies, TV programs and books.


This name has mixed origins with both Armenian and Hebrew beginnings. It means “god’s gracious gift,” and it is just perfect for a new baby. Don’t get it confused for ‘ohana, which is the Hawaiian word for family, as most of us know from multiple viewings of Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch.


This popular Hebrew name means “miracle of god.” It has slowly permeated through Europe and could be making its way to America soon!


If you’ve ever heard the Fleetwood Mac song, you may be wondering where the name Rhiannon comes from. It has Celtic origins and is common to Scotland and Ireland. It is a mystical name from many myths and folktales.


This is a Japanese name which is the short form of Sachiko. It’s a lovely name that has recently been on many US name lists! It means miracle.


Another popular Scandinavian name from Norway and Sweden, it means victory and blessing. There have been various famous Sigrids throughout history, including princesses, artists, authors and singers.


Thalia was one of the three muses in Greek mythology: the muse of poetry and comedy. Her name means flourish or blessing.


This is one of the feminine forms of Theodore (another is Dorothy, which is Theodore backwards). Both names come from the Greek translation meaning gift and blessing.


This Welsh name means “blessed peacemaking.” And while it’s a beautiful name (especially cute when shortened to Winnie), the meaning will make you laugh when you watch the famously nasty Winifred character in the film “Hocus Pocus!”


Who hasn’t heard the name Zelda, thanks to the famous Nintendo video game franchise? The name actually comes from the name Griselda and is of Yiddish origin. It means blessing and happiness. I know I’m happy when playing video games!


This Middle Eastern name comes from Arabic and Persian ancestry. It can be found in many Persian folk tales, in fact. It translates to “a blessing of a person.” Aww.

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Boy’s Names That Mean Blessing


Aaron is an English name, meaning ‘miraculous.’ For decades it has been in the top 50 of names, and we can definitely see why. It’s definitely a classic.


This African baby name means “blessing of God.” It is also an alternate spelling of Adam.


This is originally a popular African name, but it really sings when pronounced in the French way – aal-je-ma. It translates to “he who is blessed with wisdom.”


A highly recognizable name, this African name means “blessed.” Name your son this, and he’s surely destined for greatness.


If you want a strong Ben in your life but aren’t a fan of Benjamin, try this name on for size. From the Latin for “blessed,” it has strong ties to Christianity as well.


Another Ben name, this one has an old world flare. It has the same meaning as Benedict but sounds much more glamorous.


One more for the Ben crowd. English in origin, this is another one that means “blessed.” It has been steadily gaining in popularity lately thanks to various fictional characters that share the name.


A boon is a blessing, and from this came the name. Boone is a simple, yet reliable name for a son.


The Welsh language has no end of gorgeous names, and this is another that is just perfect for your baby. It means “blessed love.” Its female version is Carwen.


The Latin word caspii means “miraculous,” and this is certainly a word that one could use to describe the Caspian Sea, the largest inland body of water in the world. It also makes a pretty fantastic name for a bouncing baby boy.


A name meaning “loved and blessed,” this Anglo-Saxon name became popular through the writing of Walter Scott in his novel, Ivanhoe.


A perfect name for the firstborn son, Cullen is an Irish name meaning “blessed descendant.” In old Gaelic cultures, it was used for the male family heir.


Another Welsh name, this one has many meanings, including “miracle.”


Bible scholars will recognize this name at once. Of Hebrew origin, it is a very popular name with multiple meanings, including “beloved” and “blessed.”


Another Hebrew name popular in Israel, this one means “gift” or “blessing.”


An Arabic name that means “miracle,” this one is popular in Muslim countries around the world.


While the blockbuster hit “Ender’s Game” made the name more recognizable, this Turkish name hasn’t quite caught on. It means “blessed and gifted.”


This Irish name was given to those blessed with the ability to see the future. Its diminutive is Finn.


You may recognize this name if you’re into Russian literature. Fyodor Dostoyevski wrote Crime and Punishment among other literary works. But his name is actually taken from the German Fedor, which means “blessing of God.”


Old fairytales often use the name Galdur for sorcerers or other magical beings. It is an Icelandic name associated with various supernatural phenomena, including miracles and magic.


This name is Turkish for “miracle.” It’s definitely a unique name for your one of a kind boy!


If you’re after a royal name for your son, you can’t do better than this. Meaning “blessed as the supplanter,” it came into popularity after King James VI took the throne and became the first ruler of Britain!


If you know your Greek mythology, you’ll recognize Jason as the leader of the Argonauts and the story of the golden fleece. The name means “he who is blessed to heal,” and it is perfect for a future doctor, traveler or leader among men.


John the Baptist was important in Christianity, and started the tradition of Baptism. in Hebrew, John means “blessed one,” and it’s obvious why.


Believe it or not, this one’s a little different to John. In Hebrew, it means “gift of Jehovah.” Jonathan was King David’s best friend who stood by him through his life.


This popular Hispanic name can be found throughout both North and South America. It means “god’s miracle.”


Joseph is an English version of the Hebrew name Yosef. In the Bible, Joseph was the husband of the Virgin Mary. It translates to “one blessed with a son.” Joseph is a very popular name around the world today.


This name derives from the Hebrew for “blessed.” It is a variant of Judeah and Judas. Actor Jude Law and the famous Paul McCartney song “Hey Jude” have both helped make the name more mainstream.


Ken is the short form of Kenneth, meaning “blessed with health.” Is it any wonder that Mattel chose the name for their male counterpart to the popular Barbie doll?


As strange as it sounds, Kevin is actually an old Irish name, coming from the Gaelic name Caoimhin. It means “noble” or “blessed.”


This Italian baby name means “blessing.” It’s actually been popular since the 16th century!


Coming from the Latin word lucis, meaning “light,” it refers to something miraculous. Another variant of the name is Lucas.


Of Greek origin, this name has its roots in the supernatural. It refers to magic and miracles.


This name is the shortened form the Hebrew name Immanuel. It’s actually very popular in Hispanic cultures, and it means “blessed with God’s grace.”


Coming from the Chibemba language, this name means “blessings.” It’s one of the top 100 boy names in Zambia!


A great name coming from the Spanish language, Mateo means “gift of God.” Nicknames include Mat or Teo. So cute!


One of the most popular boy names, this one is very similar to Mateo. It comes from Hebrew and also means “gift of God.”


This is literally the Italian word for miracle, and it’s a stellar name for a baby boy.


If you like Nathaniel, but you want something short and sweet, Nate may just be for you. It’s a popular name of Hebrew origin, and it refers to being in God’s good graces.


This Hebrew name means “gift of God.” It’s a very respectable name with tons of nicknames to choose from: Nathan, Nat, Nate, Natty.


While you may only think of a large automobile company, this name is surprisingly not Japanese. It’s actually a Hebrew name meaning “miracle.”


Marvel fans and Norse mythology fans will recognize this strong name as the father of Thor. Scandinavian in origin, it is associated with miracles and natural phenomena.


A perfect name for a strong-willed baby, this German name means “blessed with power.”


In Japanese culture, Raiden was someone who had control over thunder and lightning. These were people who could literally perform miracles. Of course, nowadays we mostly recognize the name from the video game Mortal Kombat.


This name means “blessed supplanter,” much like James. It is the Irish equivalent, in fact, though it is of Latin and Hebrew origin.


Someone “blessed with dazzling qualities” could be called by this name. While it’s more well known as a surname, it does occasionally get used as a first name for those who are truly worthy.


Many variant spellings of it exist, but this Aramaic and Armenian name is a true classic. It means “blessed with lightness,” or “a gentle breeze.” Perfectly poetic.


Love the name Theodore, but don’t want something so popular? Try this Aramaic version that has the same meaning.


Theo is the diminutive of Theodore, and it’s a little funkier.


This is the Anglicized version of Theodoros, a popular name in ancient Greece. It means “gift or blessing.”


Originally, this was a common Dutch and German surname, derived from Thietilo, meaning “blessed soul.” Over time, it found a place as a cool first name.


This is the boy version of Gwyneth. Like its counterpart, it comes from the Welsh for “blessed, fair.”


This Russian nickname originated in the Byzantine empire in the fifth century! It meant “God’s gift.”


Meaning “blessed,” this is a Yiddish variation of Selig.


Popular in many Middle Eastern countries, this Hebrew name translates to “the blessed one.”

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Gender Neutral Names That Mean Blessing


This American name means “miracle of god.” Originally it was a male name, but it is more often used now for females. That said, it qualifies as gender neutral simply because it can be used either way.


A Hebrew name that means “fortunate, blessed, happy one.” This is the perfect gender neutral baby name that just works.


In the Chewa tribe, this name means “heavenly blessings.” In Trinidad and Tobago, it means “gift of god.” In Latin, it comes from fiordeliso, which roughly translates to flower of the lily (fleur-de-lis). Can you imagine a better name for a baby?


In Middle English and Old French, the word “faie” meant loyalty, blessing or belief. While now it is more common to see it in girls, it is also given to boys.


A popular name in Hispanic communities, it qualifies as unisex and translates to “valley of blessing.”


An Arabic name meaning “blessings from God,” this Arabic name can be used for boys or girls.


The original short form of Jessica, this Hebrew name means “blessing.” In more modern times, Jesse has become the male spelling, while Jessie or Jessy has become associated with females. However, Jesse is considered unisex.


Most of us only know this as a Comic Book fandom or character (hello, Captain Marvel!), or as a male character in The Hunger Games. But it’s actually from Middle English and Old French and means miracle!


In Maori culture, a tiger is seen as a miracle because it is so elusive. Taika translates to tiger in Maori. This gender neutral name is most well known because of director Taika Waititi.

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