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30 Weeks

30 weeks pregnant with third baby

I’m 30 weeks pregnant this week! Last week was one of those frustrating weeks where just when you think everything is going well, you suddenly get hit with something that sends you into a spiral again.

Okay, that’s a bit melodramatic. But I did have a rough couple of days that saw me in the hospital for the first time this pregnancy. It began on Thursday evening when I wasn’t feeling the best. I told Mark I was a little under the weather, but I figured it was nothing serious. When we went to bed, it was nothing out of the ordinary. I figured a good night sleep would sort me out.

At some point in the night, I woke up terribly thirsty. I reached for my bottle of water that I always keep by my bed, and I took a small swig. And immediately I thought I was going to die. My stomach started to clench, and my chest felt like it was swelling to epic proportions. I couldn’t breathe, and I could feel pressure rising all through my upper abdomen. The pain was like nothing I’d experienced before. I JUST managed to call out Mark’s name before I was overcome with the overwhelming need to vomit.

I began to violently retch over the side of the bed, unable to breathe or stop. Mark jumped out of bed and ran around looking for a bucket for me, but it was far too late. I continued to be sick all over the floor. When I’d finally finished, I lay there recovering and apologising for not being able to make it to the bathroom. I took it for granted that Mark would clean it all up (he’s done it a million times before), as we both know that if I have to see it or smell it, I will be sick all over again.

Mark warned me he needed to turn the light on, so I shut my eyes, and felt it light up. That’s when I heard him say, “Umm… is that blood?”

My eyes flew open and I held my breath as I looked down at the puddle next to me. Yep. I’d thrown up a bunch of blood. My head swam, and I was inwardly panicking. This had never happened before. I’ve had blood streaking my vomit before, but never has there been an actual puddle of blood in it.

Mark cleaned it up, but he said it was the closest he’s ever come to being sick while doing so. We returned to bed, but the pain in my upper abdomen was still so intense. I was genuinely scared. I asked Mark what he thought we should do, secretly hoping he’d take me to the Emergency Room. But he was so tired he just said he wanted to go to sleep. I spent the next hour in excruciating pain, but it eventually faded enough for me to sleep.

Once morning came, the pain was back again, and I couldn’t stop thinking the worst. It didn’t help that I’d updated facebook in the night and I had a whole host of people yelling at me to get to the hospital. So I wound up calling my OB and asking for advice. Immediately they had me head to Labor and Delivery at the hospital for monitoring.

in the hospital

in the hospital

Mark had to take time out of work to take me, and my mother in law was nice enough to watch the kids for us. We spent four hours there as they ran various tests. Blood work, urinalysis, and NSTs on the baby. Thankfully all was well and nothing major was found, other than that I was severely dehydrated. I was given two very quick bags of IV fluids and then a third was given slowly.

IV fluids

In the end, it was decided that I had a possible virus or upper GI bleed and that the best thing for me was rest. I had already been told by my OB the day before that I needed two weeks of bed rest, so this just reiterated that.

Unfortunately it’s a lot easier said than done to rest and relax when you have small children at home. Mark looked into getting the kids into the local Montessori Daycare a block away, but first we had to deal with the long weekend, and then they both got sick and they wouldn’t take them! So I am thinking that any rest is just a pipe dream. I don’t see it happening. I just have to take it as easy as I can and accept that I have to do what’s best for the kids AS WELL AS myself.

Hopefully this week will see some improvements.

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Wednesday 17th of September 2014

How frightening! I'm glad to hear that Mark was able to get the boys in daycare so you could rest. What a great guy!


Wednesday 3rd of September 2014

Katie!! You HAVE to rest. Even if it means putting a DVD on, or getting some quiet activities together for the kids. Is there nobody who can sit with them for just an hour or two each day so you can nap? I'm so sorry you had such a scary time- surely your body's way of telling you to take some time for yourself. I know that it isn't easy when you have other kids to look after, and I have enough people telling me this too. But if you can, please do rest. Thinking of you! x x x x

Katie Reed

Thursday 4th of September 2014

Thankfully they both went into daycare this morning. Mark decided it was imperative one way or another, so he made it happen. Hopefully they both enjoy it so getting them to go won't be a fight. I plan on resting as much as possible, as I've been having irregular contractions that are QUITE bad for a couple of days. xx

Helena Blakemore

Wednesday 3rd of September 2014

Goodness, that sounds frightening! How could Mark sleep after cleaning blood up?! He must've been so very tired! Wow. I'm really glad you're ok and the baby is doing well. I'm 26 weeks pregnant and running around after one is tiring. You're doing an amazing job!!

Katie Reed

Wednesday 3rd of September 2014

Aw, thank you hon. Poor Mark really was quite tired, though I'm sure if I'd have said anything, he'd have taken me to the hospital immediately. :) You're almost to the third trimester now - you must be feeling excited! :)

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