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39 Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

39 Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Welcome to our festive guide on creating easy homemade Christmas ornaments! In this post, we’ll explore fun and creative ways to bring the holiday spirit into your home. Whether you’re a fan of traditional salt dough Christmas ornaments or looking for innovative ideas with acrylic paint and mod podge, we’ve got you covered. This time of year is perfect for crafting with the whole family, and what better way to celebrate than by making beautiful ornaments for your Christmas tree?

The Joy of Homemade Ornaments

Dive into the world of homemade Christmas decorations and discover the best way to make this holiday season special. We’ll discuss how simple materials like regular table salt, parchment paper, and craft paint can transform into beautiful ornaments.

Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

Learn our easy recipe for salt dough Christmas ornaments. We’ll guide you through the process, from mixing flour, warm water, and salt on a cookie sheet to baking your creations to perfection. Plus, tips on using cookie cutters for different shapes!

For the salt dough, mix 2 cups of all-purpose flour, 1 cup of salt, and 1 cup of warm water until it forms a dough. Knead on a floured work surface until smooth.

Roll out the dough, use Christmas cookie cutters to make shapes, and poke a small hole at the top of each ornament.

Bake at a low oven temperature (about 250°F) for 2 to 3 hours until hard. After cooling, decorate with acrylic paint, then seal with a clear glaze spray or polyurethane spray.

Crafting with Kids: Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments

Salt dough handprint ornaments are not just crafts; they’re keepsakes. Involve little kids in this great craft, ensuring fun for the whole family. Simply press their hand into the rolled-out dough, cut around the imprint, and bake as directed above.

Getting Creative: Mod Podge and Acrylic Paint Techniques

Use mod podge and acrylic paint to add a personal touch to your ornaments. From simple designs on small pieces to detailed artwork on larger ornaments, the possibilities are endless.

Mod Podge works as a sealer or for attaching small pieces of holiday-themed paper to your ornaments. Acrylic paint is great for adding colorful designs. For a smooth surface, ensure the dough is well-kneaded and rolled evenly.

Cinnamon Ornaments: A Fragrant Addition

Nothing says Christmas like the sweet smell of cinnamon. Here’s a delightful recipe for cinnamon ornaments.

Mix 1 cup of ground cinnamon with 1/4 cup of applesauce and 1/2 cup of craft glue to form a dough. Roll it out, use cookie cutters for shapes, and make a hole for hanging. Allow them to air dry in a dry place for a day or two, flipping occasionally. These ornaments will add a delightful cinnamon smell to your home.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils and fragrance oil to the dough for extra holiday scent.

Decorating Tips and Tricks

From adding a clear glaze spray for a glossy finish to creating small holes at the top of each ornament for hanging, we’ve got all the tips you need. Learn about using polyurethane spray for larger ornaments or puffy paint for smaller details.

  • After painting, let the ornaments dry completely before sealing.
  • Use a straw to make the small hole at the top of each ornament.
  • Add details with puffy paint or glitter for a festive touch.
  • For a glossy finish, apply a coat of mod podge after painting.
  • For hanging, use festive ribbons or rustic twine.

39 Handmade Christmas Ornaments You Can Make

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Explore our festive list of homemade Christmas ornaments! Get inspired with easy, creative DIY ideas to add a personal touch to your holiday decor.

We hope today’s post inspires you to create your own salt dough ornaments and other homemade Christmas crafts. Remember, the best part of the holiday season is making memories with loved ones, and what better way to do so than with these fun, easy craft ideas? Don’t forget to check the bottom of the post for affiliate links to craft store essentials and detailed instructions for each project. Happy crafting and happy holidays!