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5 Amazing Ways to Make Christmas Magical This Year

5 Amazing Ways to Make Christmas Magical This Year

If you have kids, you know how excited they get about Christmas. Their little eyes are dazzled by the lights and music, and their hearts are aflutter at the thought of presents from the Jolly Old Man in a Red Suit.  Whether your kids are really young (like mine) or just about at the age of doubt, here are five AMAZING ways to put the magic back in your Christmas this year.

Get a Letter from Santa

This is such an awesome way to delight your kids every year.

First, have your kids write (or help them write) a letter to Santa. If they are too young to write, have them draw it. Just make sure you know what it says or means.

Then, write a letter back to them from Santa. Respond to their wish list, give them praise or reminders.

Place your letter to your child in a self-addressed and stamped envelope (remember to address it to your child).

Then, place your child’s letter as well as your stamped letter into an envelope and send it to this address:

North Pole Postmark
4141 Postmark Drive
Anchorage, AK 99530-9998

The folks at the North Pole will open the letter and send your “letter from Santa” back to your child with a North Pole post mark! How cool is that? Magical, right?

A few hints:

  • If your kids are older and recognize your handwriting, consider using your left hand or getting someone else to write it for you.
  • If you want to keep the letters your child has written (I highly encourage this!), just send an empty letter when they’re not looking.
  • Feel free to jazz up your letter from Santa with some cute stickers or even confetti/glitter inside. Make it magical!

In 2019 the cutoff for all letters to be received is December 13th! Please keep this in mind if you want to receive a response in time!

5 Amazing Ways to Make Christmas Magical This Year | A Mother Thing

Create a Personalized Video Message From Santa

If you haven’t heard of Portable North Pole yet, have I got a treat for you! This is a site where you can create personalized video messages for your kids.

Simply input information about your child (Name, City, Wish list items, etc) and Santa will send him a message that is meant JUST for him or her.

This is a free to use service, though there are premium options as well to really make them magical. Santa will even tell your kid if he’s on the Nice or Naughty list!

Whether you just want to do something special for your child, OR if your child is being a bit naughty and you want to remind them that Santa is watching, this is a great site to really make your kids excited about Christmas.

Create a Personalized Phone Call from Santa

Another option at Portable North Pole is the personalized phone call. Much the same as the video option, you personalize the call by entering your child’s information, and Santa will call them directly!

My kids LOVE talking on the phone, and they are often too afraid to go visit Santa at the mall, so this is a great option for them. What kid would pass up a chance to speak to Santa directly!?

Track Santa’s Movements with NORAD

Beginning December 1st, you and your kids can use the Official NORAD Santa Tracker to see what Santa is doing. On Christmas Eve, watch in real time as Santa and his sleigh make their way around the world. As he approaches your city, you can get your children to bed, reminding them that Santa won’t come if they’re awake!

We’ve been doing this for years, just watching as Santa makes his way around the world. It is so cool to see, and it’s a great opportunity to teach your kids about geography and other cultures. Talk about Christmas traditions around the world, different names for Santa and help your kids appreciate the real magic of a man who can visit every child in the world in one night.

Capture Santa in Action in Your House

This is by far my favorite idea. Capture the Magic is a site where you can upload your own photo and add in a realistic photo of Santa! Simply take a photo of your family room or Christmas tree or even your child sleeping in his bed.

Then, upload the photo to the site (or use the app on your phone) and then choose the Santa pose that works best. You can edit it to make it look super realistic, and then download the photo to share with your kids on Christmas morning!

This is seriously cool, and it is especially great if your kids are older and wondering if Santa is real or not. This will have them back to being true believers in no time!

You can also use this app for inserting the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy into photos!

Bonus: For The Non-Believers – Become a SANTA

If you’ve got older children who are starting to question whether Santa Claus is real, or they’ve aged out of it all together, why not have them join S.A.N.T.A.? This is something I’ve done with my own kids, and it’s been going beautifully. It’s a great way to transition them from wanting to believe in the magic of the holiday but feeling like they’re too old for it.

Letting your kids be part of the giving process and taking part in making the holiday special for the younger kids is a great way of keeping the magic alive just a little longer. And let’s face it – it keeps the magic alive for the parents a little longer, too!

Check out these other things you can do with your kids this Christmas!

So do you think you’ll be trying out these cool ways of bringing magic into the house this Christmas? Do you have any other tips or tricks to share? Leave a comment, and I’ll be sure to add it to the list!


Tuesday 20th of December 2016

Lots cute ideas! Love these!Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! Pinned! Have a great week! Kim