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5 Ways to Make Your Manicure or Pedicure Last Longer

5 Ways to Make Your Manicure or Pedicure Last Longer

5 Tips to Make a Professional Mani/Pedi last longer

It is such a nice and relaxing treat to get a professional manicure or pedicure. And to really make those dollars stretch, there are ways to make a professional nail job last longer with a few easy habits and tips. Below are five great ways to make your manicure last longer.

Bring Your Own Polish

There are lots of perks to bringing a great high quality polish with you. You can have more of a selection of the color that you choose and you don’t have to worry about the bacteria or fungus that may have transferred from another customer’s nails to the brushes of the salon’s selection. The best perk of bringing your own polish, however, is that you can bring it home with you for in between visit touch ups! It is a great way to make your professional manicure last.

Apply Frequent Clear Coat

Applying a top coat twice or so each week is a great way to keep your professional manicure from chipping or cracking. Opt for a good high quality top coat to really get the maximum benefits of this step. And while you are it, applying a cuticle oil at the same time will help keep your cuticles soft and smooth as well.

Opt for a Lighter Shade

Choosing a lighter, flesh tone shade will make small cracks and chips less noticeable. A soft pink or pale brown is not only a beautiful, feminine and chic look, it is also a great way to disguise little bumps and imperfections in between salon visits.

Apply Lotion Daily

One of the best parts of a professional pedicure or manicure is how soft your feet, hands and cuticles are afterward. In order to maintain this softness between visits, apply a good lotion to your hands and feet daily, such as this great peppermint lotion. It is a great way to keep your cuticles soft, and your feet touchably smooth. It also will help to maintain that professional salon softness for longer to stretch the time needed between visits.

Wear Gloves When Necessary

Wearing a pair of rubber gloves while cleaning or gardening gloves while working in your yard will help to keep your nails looking salon fresh for longer. It is a great habit to have whether you have painted nails or not since it is a great way to protect the delicate skin on your hands and prevent early signs of aging and wear.

What are some of your favorite tips for extending the life of your manicure? Share your tips in the comments!

Ducks n a Row

Thursday 31st of December 2015

What great tips! I have not been great with keeping my nails looking nice but I sure want to.