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6 Awesome Blast from the Past Experiences at Walt Disney World

6 Awesome Blast from the Past Experiences at Walt Disney World

Disney World is an interesting mix of old and new, with the classic Disney icons and rides still making it to the top of guest lists and new areas of the park taking on a retro look. Whether you are taking your first trip to the parks, or you haven’t been since you were a child, it is possible to recapture moments and memories that leave you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time. Let the nostalgia take over during your vacation, and have a little fun with these blast from the past Disney experiences that will leave you coming back to the parks for more.

6 Awesome Blast from the Past Experiences at Walt Disney World

It’s a Small World

Everyone that has ever been to Walt Disney World has memories of riding the iconic It’s a Small World ride and then having to deal with a particularly strong earworm. If it’s your first visit, or you have been here before, this ride and all its kitschy, quirky and whimsical wonder can’t be missed. Disney takes you on a boat ride around the world, led by representations of children from all corners of the globe and leaves everyone with a newfound sense of appreciation for the planet we live on. This classic is a true blast from the past in every way and can’t be missed.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Both the film and the ride are classics that so many new Disney fans have not had the chance to experience. Even without viewing the film, guests can take flight from the Darling’s London home and head off to Neverland with Peter Pan and the lost boys. The adventure leaves everyone trying to reclaim their childhood, and there is no better place to do that than at Disney World.

50s Prime Time Cafe

When you’re ready to stop and grab a bite to eat, the 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios takes you right back in time for some good old comfort food served up in classic black and white surroundings. TV tables and a spectacular dessert menu are the favorites around here and sure to have you coming back for more before you leave the parks.

Rock Out At Splitsville

If you enjoy bowling, or are just looking for a good time spent indoors, Splitsville is a retro bowling alley and entertainment center. Meticulous attention to detail takes you right back in time and draws you into the world of family bowling nights. You can spend an entire afternoon or evening at the venue without getting bored.

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is another Disney World classic, and in some respects a foundation for a lot of other Disney experiences. The mansion ride is the funnest form of scary so even young kids can get in on this ride without having to worry about nightmares. Once you make it through the haunted party and graveyard, you can be satisfied that you have joined the ranks of generations of Disney goers and experienced a ride that is pretty much a tradition.

Spaceship Earth

Besides the famous castle, there is nothing else that is as iconic as Epcot’s geosphere, where Walt Disney poured so many of his ideas for this future world. The geosphere also happens to host Spaceship Earth, a must do experience that takes you through Walt’s vision of the passing of time. As you take a ride through time, pay attention to all the ways in which the rest of the park is based on the geosphere and its ingenuity.

Do you have a favorite to add to the list? Leave a comment with what your favorite Disney experience has been!