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7 Foods to Try This Chinese New Year

7 Foods to Try This Chinese New Year

A huge part of Chinese New Year is all the food and the feasting! There are so many delicious dishes to try to help you celebrate the Chinese New Year, all perfect for helping you prepare for a year of luck. Here are seven foods to try this Chinese New Year, so you can usher in the year the right way, full of fun and flavor! Here are seven foods to consider!

A family trying various Chinese foods


In Chinese culture, dumplings are said to bring prosperity! They are easy enough to make and typically include just boiling the dumpling until warm. You can find various dumpling flavors to appeal to all tastes!

Spring Rolls

Just like dumplings, spring rolls are also said to bring prosperity. Spring rolls come in pork, vegetable, and even shrimp flavors and are a great appetizer for your feast. The best part is, you can eat them with your hands!


Get out the chopsticks and enjoy a bowl of flavorful noodles! Chinese noodles can be prepared all sorts of ways and are so fun to eat. Chinese noodles are said to not just bring happiness to a household, but can also bring long life to those who eat them.

Rice balls

Rice balls are a sweet, not savory Chinese New Year meal. These make for a perfect dessert and can be enjoyed after your big feast. They are said to bring luck and all sorts of sweet things in the new year! Plus, kids will love making them.


Fish plays a huge roll in Chinese New Year and tends to be a meal staple. Fish is said to bring prosperity and wealth to those who eat it, plus it offers longevity! Since fish is a healthy dish, this isn’t hard to believe. Fish is often baked or boiled and served with rice and vegetables.

Melon candy

Dried melon candy is a tasty Chinese New Year treat and available at most Chinese Grocery stores. It has a chewy, sweet flavor and makes for a great after dinner snack. You can find it in all sorts of colors, plus adorned in all sorts of beautiful wrappers. It really is a sweet and fun Chinese New Year treat!


Bright colors and especially the color orange is said to bring good luck to the household, and children are often given oranges as a gift during the new year. You can use oranges or clementines, both perfect for ushering in good luck and good health since they are stocked full of vitamin c.

Are you hungry yet? Consider these 7 foods to try this Chinese New Year and see how tasty Chinese New Year can be.