7 up salad on a plate

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  1. This version of 7-up salad is a little different than any I’ve had before, and I’ve had a few (and have liked them all). It looks really good. I can’t wait to try it. Thank you for sharing on The Creative Exchange Link Up Party.

  2. I’m literally throwing up in my mouth a bit from watching that.

    1) Not a salad.
    2) Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
    3) Looks like one of those “diet” foods from the 1960s Weight Watchers recipe cards when everything was Jell-O.
    4) More barf.

    1. Actually, yes, it is a salad. Salad isn’t limited to lettuce and dressing. (e.g. potato salad, macaroni salad, etc.) and a popular style of salad in the 50s and 60s were ones that used gelatin.
      Merriam Webster definition of salad:
      “1 : any of various usually cold dishes: such as
      a : raw greens (such as lettuce) often combined with other vegetables and toppings and served especially with dressing
      b : small pieces of food (such as pasta, meat, fruit, or vegetables) usually mixed with a dressing (such as mayonnaise) or set in gelatin”

    2. To “ME” your no fun! try being “PLAYFUL”! lighten up your just so young and “PRETTY” to stiffnecked about culniairy delights do your home work jello wasn’t always sweet. At first overseas in the Royal courts of England this was served at “TEATIME” it was used to make the food last they diddn’t have elecrticty muchless fredig

    3. Why do you have to be such an ass? I’ll use your very own statement in response to your comment, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. That’s the thing about the internet, it has created armchair *fill in the blank*, in this case “food critics” who can hide behind the computer to be as rude as possible. Don’t like it? Not your cup of tea? Fine, then hit the back button.

  3. The mayo is there as an emulsifier to hold this whole gloppy crime against decency together. They probably used to throw in raw eggs to emulsify, until they realized that salmonella was a thing. Now you just get ill looking at the concoction, so they switched to mayo.

  4. When you say you can’t imagine a meal without it, do you actually mean what those words mean? You eat this every day?

  5. I’ve never had nor heard of this but I am definitely trying it. Can I omit the pineapple? While I love pineapple there are family members who don’t. I like to find and try old recipes. Guessing by some of the previous comments, some people have no sense of adventure in the world of food, their loss. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. My mom makes this salad that starts out with lemon Jello-2 pkgs (small) or 1 lg pkg. Use 2/3 of the boiling water called for, after dissolving in water, refrigerate until soft set stage (gloopy). Add in 1 can crushed pineapple, drained, 1 container (16 ounce) cottage cheese, 1/2 cup mayo, and 1/3-1/2 bag mini marshmallows. Refrigerate until set.
      I know that this sounds odd-but it’s good.

    2. Jello “salad” seems to be a Southern idea or a 50s idea. I bet this is delicious. Honestly I know this is not a social commentary site but I can’t imagine writing “it must be a black thing ugh”. Rude.

      1. They were kidding. I’m sure they were. So I thought it was funny. And didn’t they post “white people need to be stopped”? It really was a joke.

    3. Container of cool whip, pineapple (or not) package of jello and cottage cheese. My kids love it. You can do a healthy version too!

  6. I tried it, and I gotta say it was way better than I expected! Will definitely be a regular addition to gatherings!

    1. Every hear of a Jell-o Salad, dessert salad or side salad? Salads are not just veggies and this is more of a Dessert. Your anti-American sentiment says a lot about you as well.

  7. I really feel sorry for the folks that have left nasty comments. Although it’s not what you would eat, it’s not for you to judge others on what they like.

    1. Kathy, I agree! I can’t believe people can be so rude and cruel over a recipe! I always read the comments for recipes to see how many people liked what they made, to help me decide if I would like to try it. I have NEVER seen responses such as these! I am sorry “A Mother Thing”, that you had/have to deal with that. And… I WILL be trying this recipe!!!

      1. I’m with you! I love recipes and love hearing everyone’s responses on how their’s turned out! When “A Mother Thing” said at the beginning how people were “weird” (my word) about it, I thought she was overreacting! Boy was I wrong!
        I LOVE new ideas AND especially handed down family recipes. I will be trying this one so thank you “A Mother Thing” for sharing such a “controversial” recipe, haha! !

  8. No hate here. I think it’s really awesome you have such family traditions that have been passed down. I sadly do not have that sort of beautiful family closeness. Anyways, I might have to give this recipe a shot, just to give it a go. It’s not something I would typically make, but I do like adventures in cooking.

  9. It’s gone viral because people are MAKING FUN OF IT all over the Internet. The only reason I found this is because of a comedian making fun of it.

  10. Would be great if you gave ACTUAL credit to the “comedian” that honestly MADE YOU FAMOUS. That’s the worst part of this. Of course you “love the hate” because it brought you exposure so credit the person who hated it and made it viral.
    and once more- KALEN ALLEN


  11. Please turn your kids in to the nearest adoption center, clearly you have a severe mental condition making something like this.

  12. Y’all need to chill out and stop acting like you’re “holier than thou.” Let her do what she wants. Go fix the problems in your own life and re-evaluate your knee-jerk reactions before you tell other people what to do.

    I’m not a fan of this, personally, but I respect people’s right to do things their own way. The amount of judgement here is pretty damning and just proves how extreme people get with their views.

    Then again, it’s the internet, so I trust you all act in a slightly more personable way in real life.

    1. Shut the fuck up Kyle. Don’t give us this “freedom to do whatever” bullshit. This is just plain nasty, and no one should make this.

      1. ^ yo that’s what’s up.

        Nigga you a bitch ass cunt. Shut the fuck up you ass crack bandit. Get off this bitches dick and realize this shit is nasty.

    2. I found this recipe because of the video of the guy roasting it. He was hilarious! I freaked when I saw the mayonnaise too… but, I have to say, I’m intrigued, it’s one of those weird vintage recipes, and I kinda dig it. The combo sounds nasty to me, but I’m actually going to give it a shot. I’ve heard of people putting mayo in cake, so mayo in sweet recipes is a thing, and clearly, people have been making this 7up salad and enjoying it, so I’m not going to actually knock it until I try it.

  13. That’s the nastiest fucking thing I’ve ever seen… Who the fuck puts mayo in fucking cool whip… this is diabetes and obesity in a fucking pan, ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves for this!

    Please for the love of God don’t feed this shit to your kids….

    1. JACOB RED and PHIL, I hear dish soap, the liquid kind is good for your problem. Your dirty, filthy, disgusting, extremely inappropriate mouth, on this COOKING APP!


  14. This is fucking disgusting. I agree with that dude, this shit will kill yo kids. Nasty as fuck!

    Kyle, you’re a cunt. Shut the fuck up you little hippie bitch.

  15. I grew up with a similar jello salad that we fixed for the holidays. We just called it green stuff. The only difference was no 7-up and used dream whip and miracle-whip instead of cool whip and mayonnaise. We also stopped adding fruit in it. We also got the recipe from my fathers mother. It is interesting to see someone else with similar holiday traditions.

    1. Kim Kollmann, have you ever eaten dog shit? Would you ever eat dog shit? If you do, you’re just plain fucking disgusting. Just because I’ve never tried it, doesn’t mean my opinion is wrong. You’re an idiot. Nice try though!

  16. The internet is a double-edged sword, isn’t it? Most Americans used to be just as disgusted when considering sushi 30 years ago, and now you can’t find a town without a sushi joint. Just think of it as ethnic or regional cuisine… odd, but interesting to ponder.

    Someone brought a similar dish to thanksgiving once when I was a kid (and we’re a black family) and I think it had nuts but no cherries (can’t say if it had mayo). As I recall, it was delish, so I’ll give your recipe four stars in honor of that memory!

    Weird family traditions are cool; lucky you for having one to pass on.

  17. I personally had the same knee-jerk “yuck” reaction to the mayonnaise. But I have seen several similar recipes so I am going to give it a go before passing judgement. I have always taught my kids that it is not possible to say you don’t like something without first trying it, so try it I shall.

  18. I just put this together for the first time, and at no point in the process did mine ever look anything like yours From the very start, it formed a layer of foam on top and held it to the very end, and the cool whip refused to blend completely, so there were clumps of cool whip in my finished product. It’s in the fridge for the night, so fingers crossed that it doesn’t turn out to be a total wash.

    1. I’ve definitely had foam form at times, as the soda mixes with the marshmallows. I found that really whisking it can help immensely. Was your cool whip thawed completely and mixed with mayo? I have only ever had clumps if it was frozen or not totally thawed. I hope it turned out okay in the end.

      1. Wow, I didn’t even realize you responded. Thank you for that.
        I don’t think my cool whip was completely thawed, but everyone loved it in spite of a few clumps. I’ll definitely be making it again, soon as a matter of fact, and will be sure to let the cool whip thaw completely, this time. Thank you so much !

  19. I grew up on 7 up salad and everyone that’s giving it negative comments don’t talk bad about something you have never tried. Try it then voice your comments.

  20. My grandma “Ma” brought this to every Christmas dinner starting in the ’50s or ’60s. I remember hers in a 9×12 and us kids thought it was the best thing on the table. She called it “Green Salad”
    Thanks for the great memories this recipe brought me!

    1. God I love your story! I can’t wait to make this for Sunday dinner with my family! Thanks for the loving memory you shared.

  21. The mayonnaise is what’s throwing me off man. I’d definitely try this but I’m one of those people who overthinks shit like, even if I can’t taste an ingredient but I know it’s in there…it makes me like…. Like, I’m not a big alcohol drinker because I really hate the taste of any type of hard liquor (it makes me gag lol like if it’s a shot it’ll take me like 45 minutes to mentally prepare myself for the taste) once in a while I’ll have a drink and even if the drink has very little alcohol and a lot of juice, soda, etc. mixer and you can’t taste the alcohol at ALL, my brain just knowing there’s alcohol in it will make me gag if I try to drink it too fast, ya know what I mean? I don’t hate mayonnaise or anything. I use it for sandwiches and whatnot, ya know, shit where mayonnaise is appropriate to use, but the mayonnaise in this recipe just….that shit ain’t right man….idk. Don’t knock it till you try it, right? Can someone tell me if you can’t even SLIGHTLY taste the mayonnaise…? I wanna make this but aghhhh that mayonnaise is fucking scaring me….

    1. There’s a great recipe for fluffy delicious pancakes that use a Tbs of vinegar! You can’t taste it and the cakes are fantastic! So…you’ll be fine. There’s plenty of sugar in the recipe to omit/cover the taste of the mayo.

  22. I think this sounds good….all but the mayo. As I do with other hot or cold recipes involving mayo, I would just sub sour cream or vanilla or plain yogurt…..always works. The people being rude in the comments are idiots who aren’t really thinking…period.

  23. I will share my Grandmothers recipe for 7-up Salad with you. We make it for holiday meals. 2 small boxes of jello any flavor you like, ( I prefer lime) prepare per package directions substituting 2 cups of seven-up for the cold water. While waiting on water to boil, drain a 15 oz can of crushed pineapple( reserve pineapple juice) and pour crushed pineapple into a 9×13 dish, add 1 cup mini marshmallows. Pour liquid jello over cover and refrigerate until set. Put pineapple juice in small saucepan add 2 Tablespoons of flour, 1/4 cup of sugar, 2Tablespoons of butter and one slightly beaten egg in saucepan and whisk over medium heat until it thickens. Cool and fold into a 8 ounce tub of Cool Whip put on top of set jello. You can add chopped walnuts or grated cream cheese to the top if you like.

  24. Hello from quarantine! My daughter is working on some virtual Girl Scout programs, including a cooking one. One of the requirements was to make a retro dessert. So a Jell-O mold it is! We found your recipe, decided it looked easy enough, and gave it a try. It wasn’t until we were nearing the end of preparation when I realized this was a recipe Kalen Allen roasted. I was momentarily horrified, but decided there was no turning back, so we finished it up and put it in the fridge to chill. And I’m so glad we did, because it was delicious! Can’t taste the mayonnaise at all. Retro goodness. Thank you!

    1. Lol. I’m so glad you liked it! Most people are horrified once they know what’s in it, but no one has ever complained who has tried it. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I hope your daughter gets her badge!!

  25. This is hysterical… Funny yet sad! So many tasteless plebians actually like this poison! Not a single natural ingredient, nothing resembling real food. This is the most quintessentially white-trash recipe I’ve ever encountered, and I live in the American South!
    Elizabeth Johnson doesn’t understand the delineation between having a refined, diverse palate and simply being an ‘adventurous’ eater insofar as being indiscriminate and eating with the taste of a child LOL

    1. Look at you using all those big words. You sure proved how smart you are! Good job, buddy! I’m super proud of you. No white trash desserts for you! Only Crème brûlée and caviar from here on out.

      1. Katie, It is not about being fancy, as my favorite recipes by far are extremely rustic and reflect an ‘actual’ rich cultural heritage. Yours here reflects a public health crisis of epic proportion.

        Cool whip? Y’all don’t know how take 2 minutes to whip your own fresh cream?? Or truly just prefer the tasye of chemical artifice? Corporate America (and the corrupt broken Healthcare system that profits off our collective sicknesses) sure has trained you folks well over the years.

        Cool whip, marshmallows, soda, and do you have any idea how Maraschino Cherries are made??
        This is all literal poison, unnatural in appearance and taste, literally void of nutrition, and to feed it to your unwitting children is literal neglect if not abuse.

        To so proudly discuss a recipe as if oblivious to the open fact that it only went viral because it is BEING RIDICULED THE WORLD OVER shows an unbelievable lack of self awareness or even worse, a pride in being tasteless, cultureless, and apathetic toward the health of your children and that of the community as you spread this culinary abortion.

        A nation of ignorant, obese diabetics without good healthcare doesn’t need 7-Up Salad, it needs to re-learn about tradotional foodways and good whole foods, about how to ‘actually’ cook, and eat, and enjoy food and not simply cater to our children’s palettes and to constantly re-enforce the lowest common denominator!

        1. You seriously think I posted this to brag about how great it is? I posted it YEARS before it went viral because it was a funny dish that has been served in my family for decades. I shared it for laughs. And when it went viral, it GOT LAUGHS. I’m IN on the joke. You are going to go ahead and tell me that no parent ever serves their kid unhealthy food once in a while? Especially on a holiday? This particular dish is literally served once a year, and it’s just a weird and wacky recipe that is for nostalgia. Get over yourself.

          And I’ll also point out that jello “salads” as it were were once upon a time a food of the rich, not the poor. You may call it white trash now, but when jello first came out, it was only those who could afford refrigerators (ie – those with money) who could even have it. Once it became accessible to the every man, then the rich didn’t want it anymore, and it became beneath them. It was also a staple back in the middle of the last century simply as a way to preserve food so that nothing went to waste. Because folks actually cared about making sure that everything was used. So they added fruit, vegetables, and even meat into gelatin to create meals, and people thought it was the best thing ever. Now we look back and gag. History helps us to learn, and I am certain there are far worse things to feed kids than a once a year jello dish.

          I genuinely have no idea the point you’re trying to prove here. Do you actually think that I believe it’s a healthy, wholesome dish that I want to give my kids often? You say people need to re-learn about good whole foods and how to “actually” cook, blah blah blah. Maybe if you had done even one iota of research by clicking around this site, you might have seen that there are many many healthy recipes, cooking and baking tutorials to go with some decadent and delicious desserts that I have no shame in eating every now and then. Get over yourself.

          1. Enjoy living in the 50s, I’m glad you’re so proud of being a vapid, cultureless fascimile of a middle-American housewife who’s never had an original thought in your precious little plasticine life!

            1. Jeez man, lighten up. I know it must be hard out there in Jersey, but damn. Trolling mom sites to try and shame people for enjoying a random dish once a year is really the hill you want to die on? I’ll pray for you. <3

              1. Ah yes y’all love patronizing folks with your little “thoughts and prayers” platitudes, except when you’re traumatizing children with it. “pray the gay away” when you want to traumatize, “pray for xx” when you want to feign that you give a s***

                Just fyi, serious people, educated people, thinking people, we don’t attempt to problem-solve with ‘prayer’ and we don’t rely on superstitions and fairy-tales to guide our lives. Yes we are proud of that, and yes as you’ve always suspected we do in fact look down on you 🙂

                1. Holy jeez, man, know your audience. I was being facetious. If you knew me at all, you would realize how off the mark you are with this entire diatribe. I rabidly and vehemently go after anyone who offers “thoughts and prayers” rather than concrete action, and I am at best an agnostic due to years of religious trauma. So come off your high horse and seriously consider seeing a psychiatrist for this creepy fixation you have on me and this recipe, which I have already fully embraced as unhealthy, ridiculous and still somehow okay to serve people once a year because there are literally worse things to worry about.

                  Honestly, if you are just here to try and force everyone to see how smart you are (which you have shoved down my throat over and over again), then congrats. You seem like a smart person. But you also really seem troubled. I’m genuinely worried about your mental health, and I say that with total sincerity. I’m sure you’ll scoff at me and give me more reasons why I’m an idiot, but if you need to talk, feel free to email me. I’m not going to go back and forth with you anymore, as I genuinely think it is unhealthy for you.

  26. My family has been eating 7up salad since about the 70s’. Well before I was born.

    Four generations and we all love it!! (Well not everyone in the family but yah…)

    Great to know it’s not just my family!

    Thanks for sharing!

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