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7 Ways to Use Fresh Flowers in the House This Spring

7 Ways to Use Fresh Flowers in the House This Spring

Fresh flowers have a sort of magic to them, don’t they? They look beautiful, feel soft, and give off a lovely fragrance, so it is no surprise that people love having fresh flowers in their home. There are so many creative ways to display fresh flowers in your home, and they can all be done without a lot of time or a huge budget. Look below at 7 ways to use fresh flowers this spring and see how fun it can be to put those fresh blooms to use!

collage of flowers with suggestions for 7 ways to use fresh flowers in your house this spring

Make a professional centerpiece

Making your own professional grade floral centerpiece is a cinch. Soak soft florist foam in water until absorbed. Cut the foam with a knife to fit your container. Take the stems and poke them directly into the foam so they can absorb the liquid. Start on the inside of the foam and work your way out until the foam is covered.

Place bud vases in small spaces

Even the smallest of spaces can benefit from fresh flowers. Take small, tiny vases to create bud vases. Even a salt shaker works as a bud vase. With a bud vase you an fit one two flowers, making a sweet and simple statement even in the smallest of spaces.

Float large blooms in a bowl

Fill a shallow bowl with water. Take the heads of larger, flat blooms and let them float on the water. Why save this look just for weddings? Bring this look to your home and see how beautiful it can be.

Tuck single stems behind special photos

It can look quite classic to place a single stem behind photo frames or even mirrors. Fresh flowers can be added to vignettes, or anywhere else in the house where you want to draw a little extra attention.

Go monotone or go wild!

When arranging flowers, you can group flowers of one color together for a real statement. Or go for a more natural look when you mix all different varieties together. Get creative with what you have, and experiment with vases of different heights and widths!

Add fresh flowers to your meals

Did you know that many types of flowers are edible? Violets can be placed on desserts while other types of flowers can be used in salads. Do your research and see what kinds of flowers are edible, then use those fresh flowers to garnish your plates.

Add fresh flowers to your beauty routine

Make bath time better by adding flowers to your tub. You can even make face scrubs using fresh flowers. Add the power of fresh flowers to your beauty routine and see how they can help.

Are you ready to head to the local farmer’s market and grab a fresh bouquet? Perhaps you want to head to a nearby field and pick your own? Either way, consider these 7 ways to use fresh flowers in the house this spring, and see how easy it can be to put their natural beauty to use.