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700+ Popular Unisex Baby Names And Their Meanings

700+ Popular Unisex Baby Names And Their Meanings

In recent years, the tapestry of baby naming has been enriched with a modern take on traditional practices. The emergence of gender-neutral baby names, unisex baby names, and non-binary baby names reflects a progressive stride towards a more inclusive society. This shift transcends the conventional boy’s name or girl’s name dichotomy, embracing a spectrum of identities. As the world becomes a great place for diversity, choosing a name that resonates with modern values while honoring heritage is a beautiful endeavor.

Why Choose a Unisex Baby Name?

The choice of a unisex baby name can be a profound first step in shaping the gender of your baby’s identity in a flexible, open-ended manner. It’s a popular choice among new-age parents who prefer a blend of tradition and modernity. Unisex names carry a trendy charm, often stemming from various cultural roots like Irish origin, Scottish origin, or Old English origin. They stand the test of time, making them a perfect choice for your little girl or baby boy.

What Makes a Name Gender-Neutral?

A gender-neutral name often transcends traditional masculine or feminine frameworks. These names, sometimes derived from place names or nature names, lack gender-specific suffixes or connotations. They present a fresh, androgynous allure, embodying a sense of equality and modernity. Names with Latin origin or Greek origin often carry timeless appeal, blending seamlessly with the contemporary use of unisex names.

What Is the Difference Between Unisex, Gender Neutral, and Non-Binary?

While all these terms echo inclusivity, they cater to different nuances of gender identity. Unisex names are suitable for both genders, gender-neutral names avoid any gender designation, and non-binary names challenge the traditional binary gender framework, offering a broader spectrum of identity.

Who Uses Unisex Baby Names?

Unisex baby names have found a cozy nest in diverse cultures across the United States and beyond. They are the go-to choice for parents seeking a modern, unique choice for their baby’s first name or last name. Famous personalities like Drew Barrymore, Ryan Reynolds, and actor River Phoenix, bear unisex names, underscoring the universal appeal and acceptance of such names.

Why Is a Baby’s Name Important?

A baby’s name is the first gift of identity, a lifelong companion. It’s more than just a sweet name or classic name; it’s a reflection of heritage, personality, and the family tradition. The importance of a name transcends from the cradle to every phase of life, making the choice of a perfect baby name a significant, thoughtful decision.

What Are Some Cool Unisex Names?

The realm of unisex names offers a plethora of cool, unique unisex names. From the Old English name Taylor, meaning tailor, to the Scottish name Cameron, meaning crooked river, or the Irish name Riley, meaning courageous, the options are endless. Some names like Jordan, reminiscent of the beautiful River Jordan, or Ashley, meaning ash tree meadow, carry a poetic, nature-inspired charm.

What Is the Rarest Unisex Name?

The quest for rare unisex names unveils gems like Sage, River, or Lake. These names not only offer a unique identity but also connect with nature, embodying a serene, earthly vibe. Whether it’s a name of Hebrew origin or Italian origin, each rare unisex name carries a unique story, making it a unique choice for your new arrival.

Non-Gendered Names That Start With A

Aiden (Irish) Little fire
Ainsley (Scottish) One’s own meadow
Aja (Sanskrit) Goat
Aki (Japanese) Autumn
Alby (Latin) Bright, white
Alden (English) Old friend
Alera (Latin) Eagle
Aleron (Latin) Winged one
Alex (Greek) Defender of the people
Ali (Arabic) Noble, exalted
Alo (Hawaiian) Presence, front
Alto (Italian) High
Alva (Hebrew) Brightness
Alyn (Welsh) Harmony, peace
Amal (Arabic) Hope, expectation
Amani (Swahili) Peace
Amari (African) Strength
Andy (Greek) Manly, brave
Ani (Armenian) Beautiful
Aquila (Latin) Eagle
Arden (Latin) Great forest
Ari (Hebrew) Lion
Aria (Italian) Air, melody
Ariel (Hebrew) Lion of God
Ariki (Maori) First-born
Asa (Hebrew) Physician, healer
Ash (English) From the ash tree
Aspen (English) Named after the aspen tree
Asta (Norse) Divine strength
Astor (French) Hawk, bird of prey
Ata (Arabic) Gift
Atlas (Greek) To carry
Aubrey (German) Elf ruler
August (Latin) Venerable, exalted
Avery (English) Ruler of the elves
Averyl (English) Opening buds of spring
Aza (Arabic) Comfort
Azul (Spanish) Blue
Azure (Spanish) Sky blue

Non-Gendered Names That Start With B

Bailey (English) Bailiff, steward
Banks (English) Edge of the river
Basil (Greek) Royal, kingly
Baxter (English) Baker
Baylor (English) Horse trainer
Beck (Norse) Stream
Bela (Hungarian) Inner part
Bellamy (French) Fine friend
Bentley (English) Meadow with coarse grass
Berk (Turkish) Solid, strong
Berkley (Old English) Birch tree meadow
Beryl (Greek) Sea-green jewel
Bijou (French) Jewel
Blair (Scottish) Field, plain
Blaise (Latin) To lisp or stutter
Blake (English) Pale, fair one
Blayne (Gaelic) Yellow
Blythe (English) Free spirit, happy and cheerful
Bobbie (German) Bright fame
Bodhi (Sanskrit) Enlightenment
Brae (Scottish) Hill
Braeden (Irish) Descendant of Bradán
Brantley (German) Fire brand
Breeze (English) Gentle wind
Bren (Gaelic) Prince
Breslin (Irish) Small fairy
Brett (Celtic) From Brittany
Brevin (Latin) To be brief
Briar (English) Thorny bush
Brinley (English) Burnt meadow
Brio (Italian) Zest, enthusiasm; Vigor, vivacity
Brooklyn (English) Broken land or pretty brook
Bryce (Scottish) Speckled, freckled
Bryden (Scottish) Descendant of Bruidhe
Brynn (Welsh) Hill, mound

Non-Gendered Names That Start With C

Cael (Irish) Slender
Caelan (Scottish) Child
Caeli (Latin) From heaven
Caelin (Gaelic) Powerful warrior
Caelum (Latin) Chisel, heaven
Cai (Welsh) Rejoice
Cairo (Arabic) Victorious one
Caius (Latin) Rejoice
Cameron (Scottish) Crooked nose
Campbell (Scottish) Crooked mouth
Carmen (Latin) Song
Carter (English) Transporter of goods by cart
Casey (Irish) Brave in battle
Cass (Greek) Empty, hollow
Cassidy (Irish) Curly-haired
Cato (Latin) Wise, knowledgeable
Cedar (English) Cedar tree
Cerulean (Latin) Sky blue
Cesario (Latin) Hairy
Chandler (English) Candle maker
Charlie (English) Free man
Chase (English) Hunter
Chris (Greek) Bearer of Christ
Ciel (French) Sky
Cielo (Spanish) Heaven
Clair (French) Bright, clear
Cleo (Greek) Glory
Cloby (Hebrew) Supplanter
Clove (English) Nail, spice
Codi (Welsh) Cushion
Cody (Irish) Helpful
Colby (English) Coal town
Cory (Irish) Hollow
Cove (English) Small coastal inlet
Crimson (English) Deep red color
Cris (Greek) Bearer of Christ
Cruise (English) To travel, journey
Cruz (Spanish) Cross
Cyan (English) Greenish-blue color
Cypress (English/Greek) Cypress tree/From Cyprus

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Non-Gendered Names That Start With D

Dace (English) From the south
Dael (English) Knowledge of God
Daelan (English) Small valley
Dai (Welsh) Beloved
Daijon (American) God’s gift
Daisha (Sanskrit) The skilled one
Daiya (Japanese) Diamond
Dakari (African) Joy
Dakota (Siouan) Friendly one
Dale (English) Valley
Dallas (Scottish) Meadow dwelling
Damaris (Greek) Gentle
Dana (Hebrew) God is my judge
Dane (English) From Denmark
Daneen (English) God is my judge
Dara (Hebrew) Compassion or wisdom
Darian (Persian) Wealthy
Darn (English) Born at night
Daryl (English) Tenderly loved
Dax (French) Leader
Daxton (English) Town of Dax
Day (English) Light and hope
Dean (English) Valley
Del (English) Small wooded valley
Demi (French) Half
Dempsey (Irish) Proud
Denny (English) Follower of Dionysius
Denver (English) Green valley
Destin (French) Destiny
Devin (English) Divine, poet
Devon (English) Defender
Dian (Greek) Child of heaven and earth
Dorian (Greek) Child of the sea
Dove (English) Bird of peace
Drew (English) Wise
Dru (French) Vision
Dusty (English) Covered in dust
Dylan (Welsh) Son of the sea

Non-Gendered Names That Start With E

Eagle (English) The bird eagle
Early (English) Before due time
Easton (English) East-facing place
Ebbe (Scandinavian) Wild boar
Eden (Hebrew) Delight, paradise
Edlyn (American) Special, beloved
Eirene (Greek) Peace
Elan (Hebrew) Tree
Eland (Dutch) Noble
Elden (English) Old friend
Eldridge (English) Old wise leader
Eli (Hebrew) Ascended, uplifted
Elif (Turkish) Slim, tall
Elisha (Hebrew) God is salvation
Ellery (English) Island with elder trees
Elli (Welsh) Benevolent
Elliott (English) Jehovah is God
Elm (English) From the elm tree
Elynn (Welsh) Around the valley
Emerson (English) Son of Emery
Emery (German) Industrious leader
Emin (Turkish) Trustworthy
Ender (Turkish) Extremely rare
Ereo (Italian) From the earth
Eris (Greek) Goddess of discord
Esen (Turkish) The wind
Etoile (French) Star
Eulalie (Greek) Sweetly speaking
Evan (Welsh/Hebrew) Young warrior/Stone
Ever (English) Always, eternal
Evren (Turkish) Universe
Eyre (English) Heir
Ezio (Italian) Eagle
Ezra (Hebrew) Help
Ezria (Hebrew) Help

Non-Gendered Names That Start With F

Fable (English) Story, A story or tale
Fael (Irish) Wolf
Faelan (Irish) Little wolf
Fairfax (English) Blond
Falcon (English) Bird of prey
Fallon (Irish) Leader
Faron (English) Adventurous
Fay (English) Fairy
Fen (English) Marshland
Fenix (Spanish) Phoenix
Fenmore (English) Moor
Fennel (English) Hay
Fenris (Norse) Mythical monster wolf
Fenwick (English) Village on the marsh
Ferrin (English) Adventurous
Ferris (Irish) Rock
Ferron (French) Iron
Ferryn (English) Adventurous
Fife (Scottish) A type of small flute
Fifer (Scottish) One who plays the fife
Finley (Scottish) Fair-haired hero
Finn (Irish) Fair or white
Finnian (Irish) Fair
Firth (Scottish) Forest
Fitz (Norman) Son of
Florian (Latin) Flowering
Flynn (Irish) Son of the red-haired one
Francis (Latin) Free man
Frey (Norse) Lord, master
Fritz (German) Peaceful ruler
Frost (English) Born in a cold spell

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Non-Gendered Names That Start With G

Gable (French) Triangular feature, Roof
Gabriel (Hebrew) God is my strength
Gael (Celtic) Stranger
Gale (English) A strong wind
Galen (Greek) Calm, healer
Garnell (English) Keeper of grain
Garnet (English) A red gemstone, Dark red gemstone, Keeper of grain
Gates (English) Pathway
Genesis (Greek) Beginning, origin
Gentry (English) Noble, aristocracy
Gerry (German) Spear ruler
Gershon (Hebrew) Exile
Gio (Italian) God is gracious
Glen (Gaelic) Valley
Glyn (Welsh) Valley
Glynis (Welsh) Valley
Golden (English) Made of gold
Greer (Scottish) Watchful, vigilant
Grier (Scottish) Alert, watchful
Grove (English) Small forest, Small group of trees
Guri (Hebrew/Norse) Cub, young lion/God’s peace
Guthrie (Scottish) Windy spot

Non-Gendered Names That Start With H

Hale (English) Robust, healthy
Haley (English) Hay meadow
Halsey (English) From Hal’s island
Harley (English) From the hare’s meadow
Harlow (English) Army hill
Harper (English) Harp player
Hart (English) Stag
Hartford (English) Stag ford
Hartley (English) Stag meadow
Haven (English) Safe place
Hayden (English) From the hay meadow
Henley (English) High meadow
Heron (English) Bird
Hilary (Latin) Cheerful, happy
Hiro (Japanese) Generous
Hollace (English) Near the holly
Holland (Dutch) Wooded land
Hollis (English) Near the holly bushes, Holly trees
Hollister (English) Keeper of the holly
Holt (English) Small forest
Honor (Latin) Esteem, integrity
Hoshi (Japanese) Star
Hudson (English) Son of Hugh
Hunter (English) One who hunts
Huxley (English) From Hugh’s meadow
Hyde (English) From the hide

Non-Gendered Names That Start With I

Ibby (Arabic) God is my oath
Ibri (Hebrew) To cross over
Ilan (Hebrew) Tree
Iliad (Greek) Epic poem by Homer
Ilya (Russian) The Lord is my God
Indigo (Greek) Dark blue
Innis (Scottish) Island
Iolo (Welsh) Worthy lord
Ira (Hebrew) Watchful
Irie (Jamaican) Good, positive vibes
Ishai (Hebrew) Gift
Ivo (German) Yew wood
Ivory (English) White, pure
Izak (Hebrew) Laughter
Izar (Basque) Star
Izaro (Basque) Name of an island
Izmir (Turkish) Name of a city in Turkey
Izod (Welsh) Silk
Izra (Hebrew) Help
Izumi (Japanese) Fountain, spring
Izzy (Hebrew) God is my oath

Non-Gendered Names That Start With J

Jace (Hebrew) The Lord is salvation
Jaden (Hebrew) Thankful
Jae (Korean) Respect
Jael (Hebrew) Mountain goat
Jaelan (American) Combination of Jay and Alan
Jai (Hindi) Victory
Jaime (Hebrew) Supplanter
Jalen (American) Combination of Jay and Allen
Jamie (Hebrew) Supplanter
Jaylen (American) Jay bird + len
Jaz (American) Style of music
Jem (English) Precious stone
Jersey (English) From the island of Jersey
Jesse (Hebrew) Gift
Jett (English) Black gemstone
Jin (Chinese) Gold
Joan (Hebrew) God is gracious
Joey (Hebrew) God will increase
Jordan (Hebrew) Flowing down
Jori (Hebrew) Farmer
Joss (German/English) A member of the Germanic tribe, the Gauts/A type of incense
Journey (English) A trip or experience from one place to another
Jovanta (Sanskrit) Giving life
Jovin (Sanskrit) To bring to life
Jubiter (Latin) Supreme god
Jules (Latin) Youthful, downy
Juno (Latin) Queen of the heavens
Justice (Latin) Righteousness, fairness

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Non-Gendered Names That Start With K

Kael (Gaelic) Mighty warrior
Kaelin (Gaelic) Slender
Kai (Hawaiian) Sea
Kaia (Japanese) Forgiveness
Kairos (Greek) The right or opportune moment
Kaius (Latin) Rejoice
Kaiwen (Chinese) Kind and gentle
Kaiyo (Japanese) Forgiveness
Kalen (Gaelic) Slender
Kamryn (Scottish) Crooked nose
Kasey (Irish) Brave in battle
Kavi (Sanskrit) Poet
Keanu (Hawaiian) Cool breeze over the mountains
Keegan (Irish) Small flame
Kelly (Irish) Warrior
Kelsey (English) Ship’s victory/Island of ships
Kendall (English) Valley of the River Kent
Kerry (Irish) Dark-haired
Kieran (Sanskrit) Ray of light
Knox (Scottish) Round hill
Koda (Native American) Friend
Koren (Hebrew) Gleaming
Kris (Greek) Bearer of Christ

Non-Gendered Names That Start With L

Lael (Hebrew) Belonging to God/Of God
Lake (English) Inland body of water
Lakelyn (American) Combination of Lake and Lyn
Lakota (Siouan) Friends, allies
Lan (Chinese) Orchid
Landry (French) Ruler
Lane (English) Pathway
Laramie (French/Native American) Canopy of leafy boughs/Leafy canopy
Lark (English) Songbird
Larkin (Irish) Fierce
Laul (Hebrew) Belonging to God
Lennon (Irish) Dear one/Small cloak or cape
Leslie (Scottish) Garden of holly
Linden (English) Lime tree
Lindsay (English) Linden tree island
Lior (Hebrew) My light/Light for me
Liora (Hebrew) My light/Light
Liron (Hebrew) My joy
Logan (Scottish) Little hollow
London (English) From the great river
Lore (Latin) Crowned with laurel
Luca (Italian) Bringer of light
Lumi (Finnish) Snow
Lyle (French) Island

Non-Gendered Names That Start With M

Mack (Gaelic) Son of
Mackenzie (Scottish) Son of Kenneth
Madden (Irish) Little dog
Mallory (French) Unfortunate
Marion (Hebrew) Bitter
Marley (English) From the meadow near the lake
Marlowe (English) From the hill by the lake
Mason (English) Worker in stone
Matisse (French) Gift of God
Meadow (English) Field
Merrill (English) Shining sea/Famous
Merritt (English) Deserving of good fortune
Micah (Hebrew) Who is like God?
Mika (Japanese/Hebrew) Beautiful fragrance/Who is like God
Milan (Slavic) Gracious, dear
Misha (Russian) Who is like God
Monroe (Scottish) Mouth of the Roe river
Montana (Spanish) Mountain
Morgan (Welsh) Sea circle
Murphy (Irish) Sea warrior

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Non-Gendered Names That Start With N

Nael (Arabic) Gainer
Nalani (Hawaiian) The heavens
Nash (English) By the ash tree
Nashit (Arabic) Energetic, active
Navajo (Navajo) Mexican
Navy (English) Dark blue color
Nayan (Sanskrit) Eye
Neriah (Hebrew) Light of God
Neroli (Italian) Orange blossom
Nerys (Welsh) Lady
Nesta (Welsh) Pure
Nevada (Spanish) Snow-capped
Nevan (Irish) Little saint
Neville (French) New town
Nevin (Irish) Holy, sacred
Niall (Irish) Champion
Nico (Greek) People of victory
Nika (Greek) Victory of the people
Nile (Egyptian) After the Nile River
Nilo (Spanish) From the Nile
Nima (Tibetan/Arabic/Persian) Sun/Blessing/Fair, equitable
Niran (Thai) Eternal
Nisbet (Scottish) Bend shaped like a nose
Nisha (Sanskrit) Night
Nisreen (Arabic) Wild rose
Nizam (Arabic) Order, arrangement
Noel (French) Christmas
Nori (Japanese) Seaweed or doctrine/Rule, ceremony
Nova (Latin) New
Nuri (Hebrew/Arabic) My fire or light
Nuriel (Hebrew) Fire of the Lord
Nuru (Swahili) Light
Nyx (Greek) Night

Non-Gendered Names That Start With O

Oakes (English) Near the oak trees
Oakley (English) Oak wood or clearing
Oasis (English) Fertile spot in a desert
Oberon (German) Noble bear
Ocean (English) The sea
Ode (English) A lyric poem
Odelia (Hebrew) I will praise the Lord
Odell (English) Woad hill
Odyssey (Greek) Long journey
Oleander (Greek) Evergreen tree
Oleksiy (Ukrainian) Defender of mankind
Olen (Swedish) Ancestor’s relic
Olena (Ukrainian) Torch
Olive (English) Olive tree
Olympia (Greek) From Mount Olympus
Omri (Hebrew) Sheaf of grain
Onyx (Greek) A black gemstone
Opal (Sanskrit) Jewel
Ora (Hebrew) Light
Oran (Irish) Pale little green one
Oren (Hebrew) Pine tree
Ori (Hebrew) My light
Oriana (Latin) Dawn
Oriel (Latin) Golden
Orion (Greek) Rising in the sky; dawning/Hunter
Orla (Irish) Golden princess
Orly (Hebrew) My light
Osiris (Egyptian) God of the afterlife
Oslo (Norwegian) Meadow of the gods
Osman (Arabic) Tender youth
Oswald (English) Divine power
Oswin (English) God’s friend
Otello (Italian) Prosperous
Ovid (Latin) Shepherd
Owen (Welsh) Young warrior
Oxley (English) Ox clearing
Oz (Hebrew) Strength

Non-Gendered Names That Start With P

Paine (English) Rustic, countryman
Pallas (Greek) Wisdom
Paloma (Spanish) Dove
Paris (Greek) Name of a character
Parker (English) Park keeper
Parry (English) Pear tree
Pascal (Latin) Born on Passover or Easter
Pasha (Turkish) Lord, ruler
Pax (Latin) Peace
Paxton (English) Peace town
Paz (Hebrew/Spanish) Gold/Peace
Pazia (Hebrew) Golden
Perrin (French) Rock
Perris (English) Rock
Perry (English) Pear tree
Peyton (English) Fighting-man’s estate/From the fighter’s farm
Phoenix (Greek) Dark red
Pilar (Spanish) Pillar
Pim (Dutch) God will add
Piper (English) Pipe player
Poe (English) Peacock
Prairie (French) Meadow
Presley (English) Priest’s meadow

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Non-Gendered Names That Start With Q

Quade (Irish) Descendant of Uad
Quail (English) A small, short-tailed game bird
Quanda (Australian Aboriginal) Evening star
Quanta (Latin) Amount or quantity
Quarry (English) Stone pit
Quasar (English) A massive and remote celestial object
Quenby (Scandinavian) Womanly
Quenell (French) Little oak
Quentin (French) The fifth
Quill (English) Feather, especially of a large bird
Quillan (Irish) Slender
Quillon (Latin) Crossing swords
Quincy (French) Estate of the fifth son
Quinlan (Irish) Slender
Quinn (Irish) Wisdom, reason
Quinton (French) The fifth estate
Quip (English) Witty remark
Quirino (Italian) Warlike, martial
Quito (Spanish) Capital of Ecuador
Quiver (English) Case for arrows
Quoba (Australian Aboriginal) Good
Quorra (Fictional) Heart
Quyen (Vietnamese) Bird of grace

Non-Gendered Names That Start With R

Rae (Hebrew) Ewe
Rain (English) Abundant blessings from above
Raleigh (English) Deer meadow
Raven (English) Blackbird
Reagan (Irish) Little ruler
Reed (English) Red-haired
Reese (Welsh) Ardor
Remy (French) Oarsman
Ren (Japanese) Lotus
Revel (English) Merry, lively
Ridley (English) Reed clearing
Rigel (Arabic) Foot
Riley (Irish) Valiant
Ripley (English) Strip clearing
River (English) Stream of water
Roan (Gaelic) Little seal
Robin (English) Bright fame
Rory (Irish) Red king
Roux (French) Red
Rowan (Gaelic) Little redhead
Rune (Norse) Secret
Rylan (English) Land where rye is grown

Non-Gendered Names That Start With S

Sable (French) Black
Sage (English) Wise one
Sailor (English) Boat man
Salem (Hebrew) Peace
Sam (Hebrew) Asked of God
Santana (Spanish) Saint-like
Sasha (Russian) Defender of mankind
Sawyer (English) Woodcutter
Saxon (German) Swordsman
Saylor (English) Rope maker
Scout (English) To listen
Senna (Arabic) Brightness
Seren (Welsh) Star
Shae (Gaelic) Courteous
Shannon (Irish) Wise river
Shawn (Irish) God is gracious
Shelby (English) Willow farm
Shiloh (Hebrew) Peaceful
Sian (Welsh) God’s gracious gift
Sidney (English) Wide meadow
Sinclair (French) Clear, bright
Skyler (Dutch) Scholar
Sloan (Irish) Raider
Sloane (Irish) Raider
Sora (Japanese) Sky
Soren (Danish) Stern
Sorin (Romanian) Sun
Sorley (Norse) Summer traveler
Sorrel (French) Reddish-brown
Spencer (English) Steward or administrator
Sterling (English) Little star; of high quality
Sunny (English) Cheerful, radiant
Suri (Hebrew) Princess
Sutton (English) Southern settlement
Sylvan (Latin) Woods, forest

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Non-Gendered Names That Start With T

Tal (Hebrew) Dew
Talbot (French) Boot maker
Taliesin (Welsh) Shining brow
Talise (Native American) Lovely water
Tallis (French) Forest
Tamsin (English) Twin
Tanner (English) Leather worker
Tao (Chinese) The way
Tariq (Arabic) Morning star
Tatum (English) Brings joy
Tavi (Hebrew) Good
Taylor (English) Tailor
Teagan (Irish) Little poet
Tegan (Welsh) Fair, beautiful
Tenzin (Tibetan) Holder of Buddha Dharma / Protector of Dharma
Tenzing (Tibetan) Upholder of teachings
Tierney (Irish) Lord
Tilden (English) Fertile valley
Tindra (Swedish) Twinkle
Tirzah (Hebrew) She is my delight
Tivona (Hebrew) Nature lover
Toby (Hebrew) God is good
Torin (Irish) Chief
Torrance (Scottish) From the low hills
Tory (English) Winner, conqueror
Trey (English) Three
Tristan (Celtic) Tumult, outcry
Tully (Irish) Peaceful
Tyler (English) Tile maker

Non-Gendered Names That Start With U

Uchenna (Igbo) God’s will
Udo (German) Prosperity, fortune
Ugo (Italian) Mind, heart, spirit
Ulan (Mongolian) Red
Ull (Norse) Glory
Ulysses (Latin) Wounded in the thigh
Umber (Latin) Shadow
Umberto (Italian) Bright bear
Umi (Swahili) Life
Unity (English) Oneness
Upton (English) Upper town
Urban (Latin) From the city
Uri (Hebrew) My light
Uria (Hebrew) God is my light
Urial (Hebrew) God is my light
Ursa (Latin) Bear
Uzair (Arabic) Helper
Uziah (Hebrew) Strength from the Lord
Uzma (Arabic) Greatest
Uzziel (Hebrew) God is my strength

Non-Gendered Names That Start With V

Vail (English) Valley
Val (Latin) Strength, health
Vale (English) Valley
Valen (Latin) Strong, healthy
Vandy (Cambodian) Angel
Vanya (Russian) God is gracious
Veer (Sanskrit) Brave
Vega (Arabic) Falling star
Vern (French) Alder tree
Vernon (French) Alder tree
Vero (Spanish/Italian) TRUE
Vesper (Latin) Evening star
Vespera (Latin) Evening
Vian (Persian) Full of life
Vic (Latin) Conqueror
Vida (Spanish) Life
Vidya (Sanskrit) Knowledge
Vijay (Sanskrit) Victory
Vinnie (Latin) Conqueror
Virel (Hindi) Brave
Virendra (Sanskrit) Brave lord
Vireo (Latin) A type of small bird
Vital (Latin) Life
Vitali (Russian) Life-giving
Vivian (Latin) Alive
Vivien (French) Alive
Voss (German) Fox
Vrai (French) TRUE

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Non-Gendered Names That Start With W

Wade (English) River crossing
Wai (Chinese) Water
Walden (English) Wooded valley
Waldron (German) Ruler
Wallis (English) From Wales
Wan (Chinese) Gentle, gracious
Ward (English) Guard, watchman
Warrick (English) Leader who defends
Waverley (English) Quaking aspen meadow
Waverly (English) Meadow of quivering aspens
Wells (English) Spring
Wes (English) Western meadow
Wesley (English) West meadow
West (English) Direction or region
Whitley (English) White meadow
Whitney (English) White island
Wilder (English) Untamed, wild
Willow (English) Slender and graceful tree
Win (English) Fair, pure
Windsor (English) Riverbank with a winch
Wing (Chinese) Glory
Winslow (English) Friend’s hill
Winter (English) The coldest season of the year
Winton (English) Friend’s settlement
Wren (English) Small bird
Wrigley (English) Meadow with a ridge
Wyatt (English) Brave in war
Wylie (English) Cunning
Wynn (Welsh) Fair, white
Wynne (Welsh) Fair, blessed

Non-Gendered Names That Start With X

Xander (Greek) Defender of the people
Xanthe (Greek) Golden, yellow
Xavi (Catalan) New house
Xen (Greek) Foreigner, stranger
Xeno (Greek) Foreign voice
Xenon (Greek) Foreign person
Xerxes (Persian) Ruler over heroes
Xia (Chinese) Glow of the sunrise
Xian (Chinese) Immortal, fresh
Xianliang (Chinese) Worthy brightness
Xiomara (Spanish) Famous in battle
Xoan (Galician) God is gracious
Xochitl (Nahuatl) Flower
Xoel (Galician) Light
Xol (Mayan) Quetzal bird
Xola (African) Stay in peace
Xola (Zulu) Stay in peace
Xolani (Zulu) Peace
Xue (Chinese) Snow
Xylon (Greek) Forest, wood

Non-Gendered Names That Start With Y

Yael (Hebrew) Mountain goat
Yaeli (Hebrew) God’s strength
Yaelle (Hebrew) Mountain goat
Yan (Chinese) Swallow (the bird)
Yanai (Hebrew) He will answer
Yanis (Hebrew) God is gracious
Yaniv (Hebrew) He will prosper
Yannis (Greek) God is gracious
Yara (Arabic) Small butterfly
Yarden (Hebrew) To flow down, descend
Yona (Hebrew) Dove
Yonah (Hebrew) Dove
Yonina (Hebrew) Little dove
Yoshi (Japanese) Good, righteous
Yoshiro (Japanese) Righteous son
Yovel (Hebrew) Trumpet, jubilee
Yuki (Japanese) Snow or happiness
Yule (English) Born at Christmas
Yuma (Native American) Son of the chief
Yuri (Russian/Japanese) Farmer (Russian), Lily (Japanese)

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Non-Gendered Names That Start With Z

Zakari (Arabic) God remembers
Zane (Hebrew) God’s gracious gift
Zell (German) Cell, small room
Zen (Japanese) Meditation
Zephyr (Greek) West wind
Zephyra (Greek) West wind
Zeren (Turkish) Gazelle
Zin (Burmese) Velvet
Zion (Hebrew) Highest point
Ziv (Hebrew) Brightness, radiance
Ziya (Arabic/Turkish) Light, splendor
Zohar (Hebrew) Light, brilliance
Zohra (Arabic) Blooming, shining
Zola (Italian/African) Lump of earth / Quiet, tranquil
Zorion (Basque) Happiness
Zuri (Swahili) Beautiful
Zuriel (Hebrew) God is my rock

The journey of discovering the perfect name is a beautiful blend of tradition, modernity, and personal significance. Whether it’s a popular baby name with an adorable nickname or a rare gem with an alternative spelling, each name is a voyage of discovery into cultural roots, contemporary values, and a progressive, inclusive future. As the world embraces a broader spectrum of gender identities, the trend of unisex, gender-neutral, and non-binary baby names is a radiant reflection of this beautiful evolution.