Family trip to Zion National Park

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  1. Word. My variation on “dishes not done” is “lunches not packed.” Basically, if I don’t have all of my lunches packed for work by sunday night, it just isn’t going to happen. And then starts the crappy fast food spiral.

  2. I agree with Julie. I am so bad to not pack the night before and then everything goes down hill from there. I guess the best thing to do is plan ahead?!

  3. I always regret memories I could have been making with my kids instead of doing chores or other non-family things. The guilt is tough as a parent

  4. Wasting away the weekend makes me feel guilty because I have to find room in the week to squeeze in the things that did not get done. Tape the kids favorite songs and hum along while you play night melodies. They’ll be happy and you can shed the guilt.

  5. Yes! Especially about eating fast food all weekend. I feel like I work all week, weekends shouldn’t be made for me to cook 3 meals a day. I deserve time off. But then Monday rolls around and bam. Guilt sets in about being lazy all weekend 🙁

  6. I try not have any guilt, but find solace in that I will try to be better than I was last Monday. Great post!

  7. I always make it a point to do something on the weekend that relates to my blogs or other freelance work. That way, I can spend the rest of the weekend doing whatever I want and not have so much Monday guilt.

  8. I”m not a mom yet but it sounds like you are a terrific one and are being too hard on yourself.

    My biggest guilt on Mondays are dishes not done and trips to the gym not made.

  9. Oh I really hope you do not buy them another tablet. Those things are too expensive to replace and for them to get angry (time for them to get a job lol). Also a lot of the things on your list you shouldnt feel guilty you should celebrate…fast food and tv watching on the weekend sounds like a party to me!

  10. I always eat bad on weekends and feel terrible about it after. I need to write a reminder to myself about how crappy i feel after i eat like this.

  11. So much truth here! Every Sunday I vow I will have the house cleaned and meals prepped for the week – all laundry folded and put away, nothing looming to start my Monday off-kilter. How many times has that happened?? Let’s just say I’m still hopeful.

  12. I totally feel you. But I have learned to give myself Grace and just relax and be loosey goosey on the weekends. There is plenty of time for schedules and tasks during the week.

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