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  1. Hi Katie! I had my first baby January of this year. I tried brands of diapers others gave me and i wasn’t a fan of any of them! I started using Member’s Mark in Feburary and was LOVING them until the box we bought last month. I noticed that the diapers felt a little different than normal, they feel less stiff and stretchier. My 10 month old son has been sleeping through the night, for the most part, for about the last 5 months. Well since we bought these diapers 3 weeks ago he has been waking up in the middle of the night soaking wet! The diapers are not even close to being “full”, and he is not peeing more overnight than usual. Did Members Mark change their diapers? Is this a fluke? I have been extra careful when putting them on before bed, and yet I just changed a not very wet diaper, but very wet jammies at 4:30 am. Help!

    1. Oh my gosh, Cassie, that’s terrible! I’ve been using them for ages and I have never had an issue, except for various times when he’s been between sizes and needed to go up a size. Other than that, I’ve not had a problem. I do wonder if it’s a fluke? Have you tried taking them back and asking for a new package? They’ve always been great about accepting returns and exchanges, and I’d hate to have you write them off if you got a bad batch. But this definitely is something I’d bring to their attention. You could even call their customer service number and let them know so they can look into it. Perhaps it’s a known issue with whatever batch number it is? Either way, it’s not acceptable, and I’d definitely return them and ask for a new box and if it happens again, then you know something has changed. 🙁 I’m so sorry that it happened, though.

  2. It’s not just you. Same thing happened for us ever since the redesign. Sleeping thru the night baby now waking up wet. The diapers got a new design aesthetically, but it must have come at the cost of quality.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear this! I’ve not experienced anything like this myself, but I can’t imagine that they would want anyone to experience this. I hope you will call their customer service and let them know so they can look into it. That definitely shouldn’t be happening.

  3. Katie, are you using the newly developed ones that the above two disappointed folks are mentioning? If so, you aren’t having any issues with the new ones?

    1. Yes, I’ve been using the newest ones, and I’ve had no issues at all. I’m genuinely perplexed to hear this, as I’ve been using them for a long time, and I’ve been really happy with the redesign and have had no problems at all. I wonder if there’s a problem with certain sizes. My son’s in a size 4, so maybe it’s an issue with the smaller sizes. Either way, it’s definitely something worth reaching out to their customer service about.

  4. We used Pampers for newborn and as well as size 1. Loved them but it we discovered Members Mark diapers which we used for size 1 and 2. My daughter transitioned to a size 3 recently and the last box we bought 3 weeks ago felt different. A little thinner, not as soft and the worst part- my baby has a diaper rash out of nowhere. I’m thinking maybe we picked up the wrong box by accident but it was indeed, Members Mark. I’m so disappointed and now considering going back to Pampers.

    1. Oh, Maureen, that is so disappointing to hear! I hate that this is happening to anyone, as I pride myself on being able to recommend great products, and I’ve never had an issue with any of my kids using these diapers. With the new redesign, I’m still on my first box since they last such a long time, and I’ve had zero issues at all. It’ll be interesting to see if I notice anything when I pick up another pack in the next couple of weeks. I will definitely recommend to you that you reach out to their customer service, though, as I know Sam’s Club and Members Mark are usually really great at helping out with issues, and they may be able to offer you a refund or exchange if you’re really unhappy. I hope the diaper rash clears up soon – I’ve been there, and it’s so not fun.

  5. Same here. Loved these diapers for the first 10 months, then noticed a difference. Some days we go through 3 outfits because the diapers don’t hold the same amount as before. I’m returning them and will have to find something else. It’s a shame, because these diapers used to be great! But Sam’s has a pattern of changing great products for less than great ones.

  6. I love member mark diapers! I am really surprised by the comments above. I used Pampers religiously when my boys were 0-1 and i loved them. They were so expensive though… I got a Sam’s membership and decided to try them when my boys just turned 1 and 2. They had really cute designs and absorb very well. I know toddlers dont go to the bathroom as frequently as infants and I change it when it’s not very full. They are both in the size 6 diapers and I have been using them for 7 months. I recommend these diapers to toddler moms! The cost per amount of diapers is unbeatable and you make less diaper runs! We buy diapers twice a month for 2 boys.

  7. Hi, Katie. Fellow mom of boys here (6!). Do you know if the Members Mark diapers run small or large? We’ve been very happy using Luvs, but we’re having trouble Transitioning between 5 & 6. The 5’s end up with poop up the back, & the 6’s blow out the legs-every time. Ugh. We don’t want to buy a massive box that doesn’t fit right. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lydia,

      I’m my experience, these diapers run very true to size. My son is now in size 4 Member’s Mark, but we’ve had to go up to size 5 in other brands because we get poop up the back with them. The MM diapers keep everything where it’s supposed to be. We do have to switch to a night time specific diaper at night, though, as he will pee right through them now, because he drinks so much during the day. Lol. Even the size 5 can’t contain it. We are gearing up to potty train soon (I hope!!), so hopefully that will not be a problem much longer. With everything going on in quarantine right now, we do sometimes have trouble getting the MM diapers, so we’ve had to deal with other brands at times, but I still highly recommend the MM diapers. They still rate very highly for me.

      I hope that helps!

  8. I am interested in the Member’s Mark diaper situation. Was the lesser diaper a fluke? Has Sams gone on the cheap and the quality is less? There is a newborn in the family, we are interested in the status before buying a product that will let us down.

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