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A Safe, Healthy Way to Deal with Diarrhea in Children

This post is brought to you by DiaResQ and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

Child holding DiaResQ diarrhea remedy

As a mom of four, I have had to deal with my fair share of sick kids. With the cold and flu season coming around, one thing I dread is my kids bringing home any sort of stomach bug. It’s no fun for them, and it’s definitely a nightmare for me. But one thing I’ve heard over and over when it comes to diarrhea in children is that “it just has to run its course.” The truth is that many diarrhea relief products work by slowing down the muscles in your gut, making it hard to get rid of whatever the unwanted something is in your body and making you feel bad. These products can interfere with your body’s natural immune response, which is not helpful to anyone.

Diarrhea is the body’s natural immune response to try and remove an invading microorganism, and some other products work by slowing that response (and trapping that organism in your body). DiaResQ® is different – it works with your body to address the underlying issue fast.  Keeping DiaResQ on-hand means you can safely address diarrhea directly, keeping your kids happy and your busy life going smoothly.

A Safe, Healthy Way to Deal with Diarrhea in Children

DiaResQ is a food made from safe, naturally-derived ingredients. It has been clinically demonstrated to resolve most cases of diarrhea on day 1 of use. It is safe for adults and children as young as one year of age.

A Safe, Healthy Way to Deal with Diarrhea in Children

One thing is clear to me. Kids don’t want to be sidelined by sore bellies. But they can also be scared of pills and tablets. What’s great about DiaResQ is that it is a kid-friendly, vanilla-flavored powder that comes in small, nonperishable packets and mixes easily with water. My boys love it, and I can keep some on hand at home and in my purse so we’re prepared wherever we go.

Pouring DiaResQ packet into a small plastic container

Adult hand holding DiaResQ diarrhea relief

Diarrhea can hit anyone – old or young, at home or out and about. The average American child experiences 7-15 episodes of diarrhea by age five! And while we often think of diarrhea as an annoyance or an inconvenience, for many parents around the world, diarrhea in children can be a matter of life and death! In fact, it’s the second leading cause of death in children under five. It kills more children than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. DiaResQ created a program called the Equity of Access Initiative, working to reach the neediest and hardest to reach kids to make sure they get the care they need with simple nutritional interventions and education. By buying DiaResQ, you’re helping to save children’s lives!

Child holding DiaResQ diarrhea remedy

DiaResQ also supports international disaster relief efforts and performs outreach in their Colorado community. The brand remains deeply committed to improving global health and quality of life. To learn more, click here.

In all honesty, DiaResQ is a brand I can feel good about supporting, and it’s a product that I can say we have tried and loved. It really works to help provide relief for diarrhea in children, and its simple preparation and delicious flavor means my kids don’t mind taking it when they need to.

DiaResQ diarrhea relief packets in women's purse

DiaResQ is available at CVS and Amazon. Visit to learn more and keep your child happy and healthy!

DiaResQ is not intended for the relief of chronic diarrhea, nor for infants (children aged 12 months or less).

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John Robert

Thursday 18th of April 2019

Hi, Thanks for your top-notch article. Actually, In most cases, diarrhea can be treated at home and it will resolve itself in a few days. Drink plenty of fluids, and follow the "BRAT" diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) to help ease symptoms. Take care to ensure infants and children stay hydrated. Electrolyte solutions such as Pedialyte can be helpful.

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