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About Us


It’s A Mother Thing began as an award-winning family lifestyle blog focusing on real-life anecdotes from a frazzled mother of four young boys. It featured from-the-heart writing about modern parenthood from Katie Reed, as she navigated pregnancies, toddlerhood, potty-training and daily struggles as a young mom.

Over many years, the site transformed into something more. While she still shared her life with her readers, her audience began to interact more, wanting real answers to the questions that burn in the hearts and minds of moms everywhere. A small blog slowly turned into a resource for parents, where they could get information about positive parenting, how to feed their families, and how to enjoy motherhood.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, honest and entertaining content for our readers, interweaving information and advice with real-life stories that resonate.

It's a Mother Thing - Real, raw, honest motherhood from a mom of four boys.
Founder Katie Reed and her four boys

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