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A Mother Thing is an award-winning family lifestyle blog focusing on real-life anecdotes from a frazzled mother of four young boys. The blog offers recipes, crafts, home & garden ideas, and tons of from-the-heart writing about modern parenthood. In addition to the website, readers connect with us via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and email. Dedicated to providing high-quality, honest and entertaining content, we know what our readers enjoy and strive to give it to them every day. The audience trusts us to share in authentic and positive ways, which is how we choose to work with brands. All products and services we discuss are shared organically and interwoven with real-life stories that resonate with our readers.

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To work with Katie personally or inquiries about booking her for speaking engagements, TV appearances or interviews please contact her at [email protected]


We are The Reeds. Find out more about who we are.

Katie Reed

Mom and Parenting Expert

Katie is a 39 year old full time stay at home mother to four sons. She resides in Salt Lake City, UT with her husband. After many years working 9-5 in various fields, Katie left the working world to become a mother. She started this blog in 2010 just after finding out she was pregnant with her first son.

Since then, she has traveled the world, moving from England to Florida to Utah with her little family in tow. This blog is her outlet for all her thoughts on motherhood and her way to share recipes, crafts and more.

awaiting induction

Mark Reed

Father and Tech-Junkie

Mark is a 41 year old dad of four boys. He works as the Chief Technical Officer for a software company. He loves adrenaline sports and all things to do with computers and technology. He has traveled the world through his work, visiting dozens of countries and meeting people along the way.

Mark is a dedicated father and husband who is waiting for the day when he can take his boys snowboarding all together. He can’t cook, but he’s a lean, mean, cleaning machine!

young boy sitting on table


The Heir

Dex was born in 2011 and is a social butterfly. He loves to cook and play with Lego. He hopes to be a chef or an engineer when he is older, and he is a hard worker in school and out of it. He is currently in the Advanced Learners program at school, and he is doing great.

Dex was born with limited hearing, and he struggles with his speech as a result. He has made huge strides over the years and is at the top of his class. He especially excels in math.

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The Spare

Daniel, or DJ as he now prefers to be called, was born in 2013. He is an aspiring musician who loves playing guitar and singing. He has shown a great aptitude for coding and has been teaching himself how to create video games using Unreal Engine. He is exceptionally smart and self-motivated.

DJ does well in school, and he is also in the Accelerated Learner program. He struggles with ADHD, but he never lets it stop him from doing exactly what he wants to do. He is a loving and kind child who makes his parents proud.

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The Flare

Chester was born in 2014. He is the talker of the family, never quiet for more than a few seconds. He is extremely inquisitive and is never short of something to say. He aspires to be an artist when he is older, and he spends most of his spare time creating comics and art of all sorts.

Chester also loves video games, and he will be your best friend forever if you play with him. He is exceptionally loving and enjoys cuddles and watching movies. He has a great ear for music, like his brother, and he considers singing and song-writing an important part of his art.

Baby Wilder has arrived! Some photos from his first ten days.


The Dare

Wilder, or Wiley, is the last baby. He was born in December 2017 and he is the family favorite. His personality is huge, and he lives up to his name every day. He loves super heroes and Disney films, and he has the biggest imagination of all the children.

Wilder was a surprise baby, but he is adored by his brothers and parents. He is obsessed with costumes, and he changes into new ones at least five times a day. As the baby, he is definitely indulged more than the other kids, but no one seems to mind.

Katie Reed -
It's a Mother Thing - Real, raw, honest motherhood from a mom of four boys.

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Photo Credit: NBC TODAY at The Rainbow Room

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