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An Update

The last 24 hours have been a blur. So much love sent our way, and that little bit of nastiness which makes the love feel even better. I want to thank everyone who has commented, shared, emailed me and spread the word about the events I shared yesterday.

As you can imagine, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. The blog hasn’t ever seen this level of traffic, and while I am grateful, I am also unable to even get into the site unless I first put it in maintenance mode and don’t let anyone in! This is what I am doing right now, so that I can update.

First of all, I want to sincerely send thanks out to everyone. Your support has been amazing, and I never thought that my tiny little blog would create such discussion across the web. I’ve seen traffic from all the normal social media sources, but there have also been discussions in various parenting forums, women’s sites, LGBT communities and even a bodybuilding website! Not all of the talk has been positive, but that can be expected.

I won’t trouble myself with the trolls who express their disbelief that any of this actually happened. Suffice to say I have nothing to prove. I wrote the post 24 hours after it happened, and I was still angry, though I tried to be objective. It is hard when children are involved.

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone (and there were a LOT of you) who advised me to contact WalMart for the CCTV footage and the police to press charges.

I most likely won’t be doing that. I would like to explain why.

When it happened, I wanted to get out of there as quickly as I could. I was in a bit of shock, to be honest, and the fact that no one else came up to offer any support made me wonder if I’d overreacted.

The entire thing happened in less than a minute. It was over as quickly as it started, and no one was harmed. My shock at what the man said was worse than my upset about him touching my kid.

The truth is that (and I tried to make this clear in the blog post) he did not hurt my son. He cuffed him like you would pat a dog on the head. It was not violent. It was not acceptable, but it was not violent.

My two days of thinking on the whole thing has made me believe that the guy saw a woman with two little boys on her own, one of the boys wearing a girly headband, and he thought he was doing me a favor by teaching my boy to be more manly.

He may have thought I was a single mom in need of a strong male role model. And when he touched my son, I immediately stepped in to threaten him. His reaction was over the top and completely terrible, but we have all said things in the heat of the moment that we are not proud of. The fact he seemed to have been drinking may have exacerbated his reaction.

He left right away.

Realistically, I could have made a scene or called the authorities (of the store or the police) and taken up a lot of time in reporting it. But frankly, I wanted my son out of there and I wanted to get home so I could cry without him seeing and being freaked out.

I am unprepared for the craziness that this has brought on my blog. I can’t even get in to the back end to moderate comments or include a response. The traffic has gone through the roof, and for someone who is used to 150 hits a day, getting 100,000 in a few hours is a bit overwhelming.

I appreciate all the support that people have given, but I am truly confused as to what I should do next. I don’t feel that going to the police or news would be the best thing for my son, as it would bring a lot of attention to something that he has no idea even happened.

My rinkydink little blog is my space to vent, and now it has become a giant magnet for trolls and those who have decided I am not parenting correctly. I don’t really know how to respond.

Again, thank you all from me, Mark, Dash and Dexter. At the very least, I am proud that from the ashes of this horrible event we were able to get a lot of people talking about a very real issue.

I’d like to get back to normal as soon as possible. But I have no idea how long before the furore dies down. Bear with me until then.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.