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Abbie Coleman

Abbie has over 22 years’ experience of working within the recruitment industry, including running her own recruitment consultancy for 10 years.

MMB Magazine aims to be the platform forged by a working mother for working mothers, helping you with the most important things to you in your professional life as well as home life. We acknowledge that all mothers are, indeed, working mothers. The privilege of motherhood is undeniable, yet it comes with its share of financial, professional, and personal trials as well as so much sacrifice. With the right support system, this journey can be navigated. We're here to offer guidance, share stories, and disseminate information to empower you in your multifaceted roles. Your voice matters; let us amplify it.

Navigating the return to work after maternity can be challenging. Dive into comprehensive insights on how to redefine your idea of success, balance work-life, and communicate effectively with your partner and employer. With stats revealing the need for better support, this guide offers actionable steps to ensure a positive and confident re-entry into the professional world.

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