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Baby’s First Bath

I just wanted to share this because our family has a tradition of daddy giving the first bath to our new babies. This time around, the first bath was given in the hospital when Chester was just one day old.

The night before, the nurses kept coming and asking if I wanted them to bathe the baby. He was still covered in vernix and blood, and to be honest he really needed it. But knowing how much it means to my husband to be the first to wash his sons, I sent them away and insisted on waiting until Mark could be there to be part of it.

When the next day rolled around, we had problems with Chester’s blood sugar, so we had to wait all day long for him to be strong enough to actually GET the bath. Eventually it was nearly time for Mark to take the boys back home when we finally were told a nurse was free to assist. After first checking his sugars one last time, they got to work.

The nurse was lovely, letting Mark do the “heavy lifting” while she basically directed him. A hospital bath is a lot different than a home bath, obviously, so this was a new experience for my guy. But as you can see in the video, this proud papa was just so happy to do this small act of cleaning his newborn child.

Me and the older boys watched from outside as daddy carefully cleaned and groomed baby Chester, and I answered lots of questions from Dex about umbilical cords, where babies come from and why we didn’t just dunk him in a bathtub. Dan, for his part, was just enthralled as he watched the whole process. The various nurses and visitors who were walking by all marveled at how well behaved the boys were, and we had lots of comments about how sweet it was to watch a father taking a hands on approach with a new baby.

Of course, that’s just Mark. He’s always been hands on. I am very grateful to him for being such a dedicated daddy.

Anyway, no photos this time around but a perfect video that I hope you will enjoy.

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Friday 7th of November 2014

That is so sweet. What a great tradition for your family! That video is priceless and so is the memory!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.