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Book Review – The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life

I must admit that I didn’t really know who Maria Menounos was when I bought this book. Clearly, in eleven years living in the UK, I missed out on some things. Nevertheless, a book that promised how to live a healthy, happy, prosperous life without spending a fortune and with lots of hints and tips on making the most of what you’ve got certainly had my attention.

The book is written in such a way so as not to be preachy or condescending, which is refreshing given that it’s written by a celebrity and someone most would think is living the high life without regard to money or situational difficulties. With her working class background, Maria makes it clear that everything she has, she worked for and continues to work for. From buying and completely renovating a home to travelling the world to losing 40 lbs through healthy eating and exercise, she gives the reader an insight into exactly what we’re all doing wrong.

Admittedly, her constant reminders that she has more makeup and clothes than the average woman because of her high-profile job does get grating at times. It sometimes comes across as an excuse rather than a valid reason. But one disclaimer at the beginning would have been enough to explain the situation rather than many disclaimers peppered through the book.

What I loved about it is that she is thorough in her explanations of EVERYTHING. When she explains how to build a DIY walk-in closet for not much money, she gives exact specifics on where to buy elements, how to arrange them, how to plan for what you need, and even how to set it up to be most useful to YOU. Similarly when talking about which makeup to buy, she has brands and recommendations on hand (as well as a ton of photos) to really help you figure it all out.

At the end of the day, she may not be the “everygirl” that I can relate to the most, but I did find much inspiration in her book and many ideas on reorganising my life to be better and more satisfactory. I read it cover to cover in a couple of days, but it’s one of those that you could open to any chapter and get a clear picture of how to better your life in some way.

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