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Christmas Craft – Felt Christmas Tree

by Katie Reed

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It’s Day 11 of our 25 Days of Christmas, and today we are bringing you a super fun kid craft that is PERFECT for the holidays. This time of year is ALWAYS super busy, and moms like me everywhere are cooking, baking, wrapping presents and decorating, and it can be really difficult when your kids constantly want attention. So creating a fun craft that doubles as a great busy activity for them is high up on my list each year.

Christmas Craft - Felt Christmas Tree | A Mother Thing

This Felt Christmas Tree is so simple to make. And it really does make life so much easier for moms because kids will play with it over and over again.

Here’s what you’ll need:

12 x 15 3/4 piece of green felt
Yellow, blue, white and red felt
Velcro stickers
Black marker

Christmas Craft - Felt Christmas Tree | A Mother Thing

This is super simple to do. First, draw your Christmas tree shape onto your green felt. You can make this as big or as small as you like. If you only have smaller felt and want to make it bigger, you can use tape or sew pieces together and then draw your shape. Go ahead and cut it out.

Christmas Craft - Felt Christmas Tree | A Mother Thing

Then, with your other colors, draw different sized circles and cut them out. You can do different shapes if you’d like. Whatever you think the kids would want.

Christmas Craft - Felt Christmas Tree | A Mother Thing

Cut out wavy pieces from the white felt to use as garland. And don’t forget your yellow star!

Then, simple stick on some velcro stickers to the back of each decoration, and they are ready to be fixed to the tree, and they’re simple to remove.

Christmas Craft - Felt Christmas Tree | A Mother Thing

You can affix the tree to the wall if you want to keep the kids in one spot, or you can just let them do it on the floor. They will love making their tree beautiful!

Christmas Craft - Felt Christmas Tree | A Mother Thing

You can do this same type of craft, but create a felt fireplace! Cut out red bricks they can stack to create the chimney, orange, yellow and red fire, brown logs, various stockings, etc. Felt is fun!

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Pauline Molinari December 17, 2015 - 1:17 pm

I love this idea! Kids will love decorating this over and over. Thanks for sharing your crafty inspiration on this week’s Monday Funday Party!

Creatively Living December 22, 2015 - 7:44 am

Very cute idea! My son (3) would love to make this!

Thanks for sharing on Monday Funday!

Holly @ Creatively Living


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