Christmas Craft – Holiday Sled Ornament

Whether you like the look of rustic handmade crafts during the holidays, or you just want to find a fun way to get your kids involved in some creative pursuits, this easy Christmas craft is perfect for all. With just a few small supplies (which you may even have on hand already!), you can create these fun holiday sled ornaments to decorate your tree or even use as place settings at a holiday meal!

Christmas Craft - Holiday Sled Ornament

Supplies needed:

wide wood craft sticks (5)
red craft paint
craft scissors
hot glue, glue gun
paint brush
twine or ribbon

Christmas Craft - Holiday Sled Ornament

To begin, apply two coats of red craft paint to one side of the wooden craft stick. Make sure you allow the paint to dry between each coat. It doesn’t take much time, but ten minutes is usually enough.

Christmas Craft - Holiday Sled Ornament

Next, take one of the craft sticks and use the craft scissors to snip off the ends. This will leave you with a small rectangle that should be at least the length of three sticks placed together.

Christmas Craft - Holiday Sled Ornament

Place three of the craft sticks together, red side down. Glue a craft stick across the back of the three pieces to hold them together as one unit. Then, flip the sticks over again so the red side is exposed. Glue the small red segment across the end of the sticks as shown. This creates the front bumper on the sled.

Christmas Craft - Holiday Sled Ornament

Glue the length of twine to the end/underside of the sled. Allow it to dry well and make sure it is secure.

Your winter sled ornament is complete!

Christmas Craft - Holiday Sled Ornament

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