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Color By Addition Dinosaur Workbook

Color By Addition Dinosaur Workbook

Math is one of the hardest subjects to get kids interested in. Finding fun ways to pique their curiosity is vital to get them to enjoy problem solving, and that can be difficult. These fun dinosaur coloring pages are great for helping younger children with different skills including math, reading, comprehension, and coordination.

Let’s take a look at how this workbook can help with each skill.


Obviously, this workbook is highly focused on math skills. The coloring pages are made in a color-by-number format so that the children color in the scenes by solving each equation to discover the corresponding color for each shape.

Once all the math problems are solved, the picture will reveal itself, and your child will have a beautifully rendered dinosaur picture they can hang on their wall or hang in pride of place on the kitchen fridge.

Solving math equations becomes a rewarding experience for the child, as it allows them to have immediate validation. And since there are five pages in all, the children can have math practice over and over again.

In fact, you can even cross out the colors and change them up each time so that the kids can’t just copy the colors based on what they’ve done before.

Reading and Comprehension

Reading the directions for the pages is important for the children to know what to do for each page. They will have to be able to know which colors are associated with which numbers and how to apply them to the pictures.

This will help them with letter and number recognition, as well as comprehension ability. Following directions is an important part of math, as well as many other subjects, and it will be easy to see if they’ve done so correctly just by looking at their completed pictures.


Hand/eye coordination is an important skill that is continually developed in young children. It begins in babies and toddlers, and it is perfected as we age. Coloring is actually a great way to work on this skill.

Being able to color inside the lines, as well as coloring evenly and completely is a sign of great coordination, and it is a wonderful way to work on developing this skill.

Offering your child different coloring tools is a great idea. Crayons are often our first thought when it comes to coloring pages, but colored pencils offer them a chance to hone their skills further by forcing them to be more precise in their movements. Markers are also harder because they “bleed” into the paper, so they have to concentrate to make sure the ink doesn’t spread outside the lines.

These pages are best for children in the early elementary age, generally kindergarten to first grade, as they are very basic addition problems. They are great for practicing math skills at home, but they may also be useful for teachers who want a fun activity for their students to practice new math.

To download the full workbook, please click here.

To use, simply print them out on regular printer paper and have at it. If you enjoyed them, please do share them with someone who could benefit.

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