Feb 2014 - Our happy family having a blast

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  1. I can totally relate. You are not being ungrateful or selfish, you are telling it like it is and you need a place to vent. I’m unexpectedly expecting my 4th child and am 14 weeks pregnant and have had severe morning sickness, I still have it. I’ve had to be admitted three times to the hospital I work 2 night shifts a week in to be rehydrated because of sickness. I am exhausted and now I have sciatica. I also have to inject anticoagulants every day because of a new protocol for some pregnant women. This means I have a belly all the colours of the rainbow because the injections cause bruises and they hurt. The joy never ends! I’ve made the decision not to blog about my pregnancy other than to announce it because I would always be moaning LOL Pregnancy is a blessing but can also be challenging, unpleasant and exhausting. We need to support each other through those times and empathise with each other. I struggled to conceive my previous three daughters and have had many miscarriages so can see both sides of the debate. Keep on blogging what you like when you like, people don’t have to read it and if they are going to moan then perhaps they should take a walk your shoes for a while, I guarantee they would moan a lot more!

    1. Thank you for this! I feel so divided about it all. On the one hand, I’ve dealt with infertility, miscarriage and the like, and I know the pain of it all. I used to be crushed when yet another friend took getting pregnant for granted. But we all have our own struggles, and I do feel like others could benefit from reading about whatever struggles I do have.

      I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. I had HG in my last preg, and this one is shaping up to be just as bad. And the sciatic is a horrible thing to deal with! I am so glad I don’t have to inject anything, though. I feel for you!

      Definitely important to support each other rather than tearing each other down.

      Thanks so much. x

  2. I absolutely think you are not being selfish or snotty. THere are two sides to every story, and if the person reading your blog is particularly bitter about not having kids, they probably shouldn’t be reading it. If they choose to torment themselves, that is not your responsibility or problem. THe other thing, and this is very important, is that there are absolutely millions of young women who are having difficult pregnancies, and every pregnancy is different. Blogs like yours reinforce to other women that they are not crazy, the things they are feeling are real, and if they are not sure they should absolutely talk to their doctor. And I guarantee that somewhere out there is a young woman with no one to talk to about her pregnancy, and your blog might be the only support she gets. TO that one woman, you are a candle in the darkness. SO you keep shining your light just as long as you feel capable of shining it.

  3. I understand the feelings on both sides of it. I too had trouble getting pregnant both last time and this time around. I remember how much it pained me to see everyone around me get pregnant simply by seemingly just thinking about it. But likewise, I know trouble with pregnancy, I know the sickness, I know the uncomfort, I know the pain. I would take it any day over not having the blessing of a child, but that doesn’t mean we have to grin and shut up when we are uncomfortable and in pain. It’s easy for someone else to say they would revel in the pain if it meant being pregnant, but they AREN’T going through it, so they really CAN’T say what they would do, only what they THINK they would do.

  4. I think you are entirely in the right. It’s you body and if you’re hurting why should you just put on a brave face and grin and bare it. If people are being offended it tells you more about them than you. You are simple sharing your expericance on your blog. You aren’t rubbing being pregnant in anyone’s face and if those trying to get pregnant think its all sunshine and rainbows then they are the ones who really do need to read this. Pregnancy is hard, it takes a great toll on your body both physically and emotionally.

    Thank you for being strong and sharing your experiance, I have one little girl who is 13 months and I struggled badly with morning sickness, I lost nearly 2 stone in the first 4 months of pregnancy and had blood transfusions after her birth as I lost a lot of blood. Everyone struggles in different ways, people just need to remember that.

    Good luck in the rest of your pregnancy and I hope the pains ease and this time you deliver how you want to x

  5. Oh God yeah, agree totally. I found it difficult to get pregnant and understand the yearning. but that didn’t stop me telling it how it is when I did finally conceive. We all have our challenges…

  6. I don’t think complaining is offensive and nor do I think you’re complaining. I think that what you’e been through deserves to be recorded and I am sure that there are women out there who can relate or who can be helped by your words. That is not offensive, that is inspiring.
    Keep writing!
    x x x

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