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Craft Tutorial – Homemade Menu Bulletin Board

Create a Menu Bulletin Board

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned before that I have a slight obsession with Pinterest (who doesn’t, eh?!). And lately, a lot of my pins have had a common theme – budgeting, planning and home economics.

I’ve become slightly fanatical about trying to make our money stretch further and to make quality meals for pennies. As you know by now, I LOVE to cook, and I post recipes constantly. But creating gourmet meals from scratch can become expensive, and my aim is to SAVE THOSE DOLLAH DOLLAH BILLS!

With that in mind, I decided to start a menu board. Something that I (and everyone else!) could use to see at a glance what food was on offer this week. It means I can make sure to go through all the meals in my freezer and get them eaten in the order that makes the most sense.

I found LOADS of “pinspiration” on the boards, but not wanting to go out and spend extra cash on supplies, I decided to use what I had around the house to create a menu board.


So basically, here’s my tutorial on how to go about creating a menu board.

Materials needed:

1 large bulletin board (mine is 36 x 24 inches)
2 sheets of 12×12 scrapbook paper
craft paint (your choice of color)
mod podge or glue
7 pieces of card stock or gift tags
sticker letters
push pins
small bulldog clips

What To Do:

First, take the bulletin board and give the surface a coat of paint in your choice of color. I chose a plain white because I my board hangs in a common area and I didn’t want anything TOO outlandish.

Fair warning – bulletin boards are QUITE porous, and the paint will soak right into it. You might have to give it two or even three coats to ensure coverage.

Once the paint has dried, and you’re happy with it, use the mod podge or glue to stick the two sheets of scrapbook paper to one side of the board. I used polkadot paper, so I had to make sure to overlap them a little bit so that it looked seamless.

Once the glue or mod podge is dry, take the card stock or gift tags and glue them down. These are where you’ll write the days of the week. You can do them one on top of the other or stagger them left and right. Whatever you fancy!  I took some old K & Co card labels and used them. They were already quite decorative, so I didn’t really have to do anything to make them pretty. You can decorate yours any way you fancy.

Use your sticker letters (or failing that, just take a marker!) and write the days of the week on each of the cards. You can draw pictures or add embellishments. I had some cute flower die cuts with little jewels on them, so I added one to each day.

Then, place a push pin next to each day of the week and hang a bulldog clip on it. These will hold your recipe cards on them so you can see what’s for dinner each night!

For the rest of the board, you can decorate with stickers or embellishments. I added a cute little shopping list to my board so that if Mark or I run out of anything, we can just check it off the list and know to get it next time we go to the store.


As you can see, I now have a clever little board which is still fully functional as a notice board (I’ve got tons of stuff pinned to it!) but which allows everyone to keep track of the food for the week.

Menu Board

I hope this can help you be inspired to create something similar. Do let me know how it turns out if you try it!

And feel free to follow me on Pinterest!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.