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Craft Tutorial – Valentine’s Day Bunting

Craft Tutorial – Valentine’s Day Bunting

Valentines Day Love Garland

With Valentine’s Day getting closer, we’ve been playing around with some holiday themed crafts. So I thought I’d share this super simple craft tutorial for a Valentine’s Day Bunting. This is a super simple thing that you can do with the kids, and it’s totally adaptable for every holiday or theme.

As far as supplies go, it couldn’t be simpler.

3 – 4 sheets of felt in themed colors
craft scissors
mini clothespins
colored braiding cord (or yarn or twine)
glue (if necessary)

Valentines Day Love Garland - Supplies

First, decide how long you want your garland to be. Plan out if you want it to spell out words or just have hearts or go even simpler and just cut it into plain bunting. For this, I knew I wanted some hearts and the word LOVE to feature.  I began by cutting each sheet of felt into six squares.

Valentines Day Love Garland - Felt and Scissors

Valentines Day Love Garland - Felt Squares

For this garland, you will need two squares for each “flag.” You can lay them out in whatever order you want. Use half of each color’s squares to set your pattern. Then use the other squares to cut out your shapes and/or letters.

Valentines Day Love Garland - Felt Cut Outs

Once you have all your shapes and/or letters cut out, place them on top of the other felt squares. You can glue them with whatever adhesive you have on hand. Or you can do like I did and buy your felt with adhesive backing already on it. I found mine at Walmart for less than $2.

Valentines Day Love Garland - Line Up Felt

As you can see, I didn’t just use the cut outs themselves. I also used the “negative space” sections of the cut out felt and placed it on top of the squares. It allowed me to write LOVE twice instead of just once.

Valentines Day Love Garland

Once you’ve created all your flags, simply cut your braiding cord to the appropriate length and then hang the flags on it using the mini clothespins. Then you’re just ready to hang it up! I used a staple gun to attach the cord to the wall in my kids room. I think it looks super cute!

Valentines Day Love Garland

And since they are held on with just clothespins, you can rearrange them however you wish or change them out each year. So simple!

I can’t wait to make another of these for every holiday!

Valentines Day Love Garland

What do you think?


Friday 20th of January 2017

Very cute! I love the felt and the colors you used!


Sunday 7th of February 2016

These are an awesome bunting! I don't have much experience with felt but I'm inspired. Thanks so much for sharing your project with us at Merry Monday.


Monday 1st of February 2016

This is so cute! I love crafts that use felt, so thanks for sharing!