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Disney*Pixar’s COCO-Inspired Hot Chocolate & Pan de Muerto Recipes

Disney*Pixar’s COCO is coming to theaters this Thanksgiving, and it’s the perfect time to get excited about it! Today, we have some amazing recipes to share for a traditional Pan de Muerto and Hot Chocolate, both of which are an amazing late fall treat for the whole family to enjoy!

But first, let’s take a look at the NEWEST trailer for COCO!

How amazing does that look!? I know my boys have been watching all of the trailers over and over in anticipation of this film, and we are definitely getting tickets for opening night!

Disney*Pixar’s COCO-Inspired Hot Chocolate & Pan de Muerto Recipes

But let’s get to the yummy part of this post, shall we? Take a look at this gorgeous Pan de Muerto and Hot Chocolate, inspired by the film. Pan de Muerto is basically translated as the Mexican Bread of the Dead. It is a type of sweet roll which is traditionally baked in the weeks leading up to Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. Shaped like a bun, it’s traditional to decorate it with bone-shaped pieces, and it is usually eaten at the gravesite or altar of the deceased. The spirit of the dead can’t eat, but it is said to absorb the “essence” of the offering.

How wonderful is that??

As for the Mexican Hot Chocolate, it’s not your usual recipe. You won’t find this in a package, mixed with water. Instead, it requires a little bit of effort, a LOT of chocolate and bit of heat with a pinch of cayenne pepper! You’ll know it’s done when you can smell the heady mix of chocolate, cinnamon and spice!

For the full recipe and instructions, just click and download the pdf to print off. You won’t regret making either of these delicious recipes!

Disney*Pixar’s COCO-Inspired Hot Chocolate & Pan de Muerto Recipes

Another wonderful tradition we can share is the passing down of recipes from generation to generation. My mother made me a family-recipe cookbook when I first got married, and I love looking through it for the exact recipes that my mom and grandma used to make. I have a little box of recipe cards, as well, hand-written over generations of women and men in my family.

If you are the type to collect recipes, as well, try printing out these recipe cards on card stock and saving your favorites for your future children and grandchildren.

Disney*Pixar’s COCO-Inspired Hot Chocolate & Pan de Muerto Recipes

And finally, just because family is an important part of the COCO film, as well as an important part of each of our lives, why not print out this cool family tree template and let your kids have a copy so they can see their relatives and understand the importance of la familia?

Disney*Pixar’s COCO-Inspired Hot Chocolate & Pan de Muerto Recipes

For more awesome COCO activities, check out my previous post with some free coloring pages and activity sheets!

COCO opens in theaters everywhere on November 22nd. Don’t forget to check them out on FacebookTwitterInstagram and on their official website!

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