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DIY Cardboard Toy Car Parking Garage

DIY Cardboard Toy Car Parking Garage

Indoor play is really important at times, as often the weather, illness or other issues can keep kids from being able to go outside to play. With that in mind, I always try to think of great ways to keep the kids happy when playing inside. Store-bought playsets are amazing and fun, but when you are trying to save money, nothing can beat a DIY Cardboard playset! We have a whole collection of toy cars, and my boys LOVE them. But there’s only so long before they get bored with racing them along the floor. So we love creating upcycled toy car playsets to keep their imaginations going all day long! This DIY Cardboard Toy Car Parking Garage is perfect to go along with our Toy Car Wash and Toy Car Repair Garage.

diy cardboard parking garage for hot wheels



Without tearing the cardboard, carefully detach the glued seams of the box to open it flat.

opened cardboard box

Cut the box along the seams so that you end up with the front and back and the two sides of the box.

pieces of cardboard

Take the front of the box and glue a toilet paper tube at each corner of the rectangle.

cardboard building being constructed

Glue the other side of the box to the toilet paper tubes so that you have a ground level and a first level of the toy car parking garage.

cardboard craft

Take the two sides of the box and trim one end of each, leaving a place to bend the box on one end and a smooth edge at the other end. Use the hot glue gun to secure the flaps to the top level one at each end of one of the sides (as shown).

cardboard building

Use the marker to draw parking spots on each level. Also draw arrows (one up and one down) along with the words “up” and “down” on each of the ramps.

cardboard parking garage

Have fun!

Simple DIY Hot Wheels Cardboard Parking Garage. A perfect toddler craft that will provide HOURS of fun!

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Sunday 20th of September 2020