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DIY Formula Can Upcycle | Summer Fun Activities Idea Jar

DIY Formula Can Upcycle | Summer Fun Activities Idea Jar
DIY Formula Can Upcycle | Summer Fun Activities Idea Jar #summer #activities #kidscraft

Summer is in full swing, and we seem to have all sorts of ideas of fun things to do with the kids… that is until it actually comes time to DO it. Then we can’t seem to think of anything! But never fear! I have a two-fer for you! Two ideas in one. First up is this great formula can upcycle, which is a great way to get crafting with your kids and keep them busy for a bit. And then the finished craft becomes the jumping off point for all other summer fun ideas!

Basically, we’re turning an old can of formula (you could use coffee cans or other receptacles if your kids have outgrown the formula stage) into a Summer Fun Idea Jar! Wahey!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

Materials Needed:

Formula can covered in cute craft paper


Take all paper and wrapping off of the formula can, and quickly wipe down to remove any dust or powder.

Measure the height of the can from lip to lip, and make a mark at the same length on your crafting paper with a pencil. Cut along this line.

Use a hot glue gun to attach the paper at several points all the way across the formula can.

If you have any excess paper around the can, just double wrap and glue down.

Use hot glue to secure in several places if needed.

Set aside to dry completely.

Write activity ideas on all of your popsicle sticks, and place inside of your chore can. Look below for some thought starters.

You’re all set to go!

formula can with various colored sticks written over with activities

List Of Activity Ideas:

colorful popsicle sticks with activities written on them in marker inside a formula can

Need more ideas? Check out this list of 20 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Your Toddler!

formula can with activity ideas inside