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Easy DIY Campsite Playset for Toddlers

Easy DIY Campsite Playset for Toddlers

In our family, camping is HUGE. Since we have four little boys, being outdoors, communing with nature seems to be the most exciting thing they can think of. But camping isn’t always feasible for us. Whether it’s due to the weather or illness or just my own desire to sleep in a warm bed, I’ve learned that having a good substitute for the real thing can keep the kids happy. That’s why this simple little craft is such a hit. They can take their own action figures and other toys and play camping at home!

paper campsite playset

You really don’t need much to make this craft come to life. A few supplies that you probably already have on hand will get the job done.

crafting supplies


5 paper straws

2 sheets of blue construction paper

1 sheet of green construction paper

Twigs broken into 8 pieces each 2” long

Red, orange and yellow pipe cleaners cut into 4 inch pieces (1 of each color)


Glue gun



Lay out the green sheet of paper. (This will be the play mat/grass area). Near the front left corner add a 1 inch circle of hot glue.

three sticks forming a craft bonfire

One by one, attach all 8 twigs in a circular shape meeting in the middle to look like a campfire. Take all 3 pipe cleaners and bend them in the center around your finger. One by one use the hot glue to attach them to the center of the fire sticks. Glue on the red, then the yellow and then the orange. Once dry, bend them into the shape of flames.

broken sticks forming a pretend bonfire

Cut a piece of blue paper that is 11” x 6”. Cut the straws into 5 ½ inch long pieces. Glue one straw across the center of the paper and glue the other straws on each outside edge of the paper (as shown in photo). Make certain to leave about a ½ inch  gap between the straws in the center and the edges of the others so that the tent/paper has space to bend.

craft project showing how to make a paper tent

Cut a piece of blue paper that is 4 ½ “ x 6 ½ “. Use the hot glue gun to secure the bottoms of the straws to the corners of the paper.

construction paper tent

Cut two long triangle pieces of blue paper to use as the tent flaps and secure them with the glue gun.

paper campsite playset

Use the playset with action figures, dolls or any small toys.

paper campsite playset

TIP: I used a bit of thin, brown cardboard rolled up and sealed with glue as a log. Your child can use blocks, rocks and any other toys along with this playset.

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