Easy DIY Crepe Paper Tulips Craft Tutorial

Easy DIY Crepe Paper Tulips Craft Tutorial

I admit that ever since I watched Heidi as a child, I have had a real love for wooden shoes and tulips. I just love them. When I traveled to Amsterdam with my husband early in our relationship, I was over the moon to see so many beautiful tulips, both real and crafted, all over the place. I just find them to be one of the sexiest flowers there is. I also love the old riddle which asks “which flowers love to kiss?” The answer is tulips (two lips). SO cute!


Anyway, I loved the crafted flowers I saw in Holland. Making paper flowers is a fantastic alternative to real ones. Sometimes allergies make is difficult for someone to enjoy fresh flowers. Other times it is cost that holds us back from giving a beautiful bouquet. This arrangement of beautiful flowers costs very little to make and lasts a lot longer than freshly cut tulips. With only a few supplies from your craft or dollar store you can have a beautiful bouquet of spring tulips in no time. These DIY crepe paper tulips are perfect for home decorating, centerpieces and gifts. Take some to a nursing home or hospital to share the love!

Here’s what you will need:

Crepe paper streamer roll in your color of choice (I had yellow on hand)
Wooden sticks or skewers (old chopsticks work well!)
Roll of green floral tape
Masking tape
Easter “grass” in a color of your choice

Easy DIY Crepe Paper Tulips Craft Tutorial

The hardest part of the whole craft is creating the petals. And let me tell you – it’s not even that hard! Here’s what you do.

Cut pieces of the crepe paper about 5 – 7 inches long. They all need to be the same length. Take a piece of crepe paper and twist it in half in the center and then fold in half with the twist at the top. Twist the loose ends together to make a section that will attach to the dowel.

Easy DIY Crepe Paper Tulips Craft Tutorial

Easy DIY Crepe Paper Tulips Craft Tutorial

You will need at least 7-8 petals per flower, so it’s easiest if you make them all at once. Just repeat the process of making petals until you have as many as you need to make your bouquet. This is a great activity to do while sitting in front of the TV. It’s simple and repetitive. Catch up on Netflix. Watch Heidi for inspiration.

Once you have all your petals in place, it’s time to assemble the flowers. First, take a wooden dowel, two petals and a piece of masking tape, and fasten the petals to the end of the dowel. The petals should be facing each other with the curves on the outside.

Easy DIY Crepe Paper Tulips Craft Tutorial

Then, add petals one at a time until the flower is as full as you’d like. Overlap a bit for realism.

Take the flower tape and starting it the base of the bud, wrap the floral tape all the way down the length of the dowel. This becomes your stem.

Easy DIY Crepe Paper Tulips Craft Tutorial

Once you are done, stick your flowers into your vase filled with whatever you want. I have used Easter grass, dirt, marbles, glass stones, or craft foam! Whatever will keep the flowers in place is fair game.

Easy DIY Crepe Paper Tulips Craft Tutorial

As I said, these make great gifts for those who might be allergic to flowers. They are also a perfect centerpiece for Easter dinner, if you are prone to celebrating it. They make a great kiddie craft for little fingers, as everything is super simple. The only caution is if your dowels are pointed. You want to keep children away from sharp sticks!

I hope you enjoy this craft! It’s so much fun and has such a great payoff when you see it all come together. Try it today!

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