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  1. I deal with dry skin by using a heavy duty moisturizer and put it one right after taking a bath.

  2. I try to avoid using harsh soaps to wash my hands and I also try to put lotion on my hands regularly. I avoid the alcohol instant hand cleaners because they dry out my skin.

  3. I use pure coconut oil on my skin! But you have to use that every day for it to be effective and sometimes I forget so I have to take out some lotion.
    This product seems like a great way not to forget, just put it by the shower so you can be reminded to lather some on before toweling off. 🙂

  4. I make sure to apply lotion or even body oil… right after showering for maximum absorption.

  5. I try really hard to have a consistent moisturizing routine to help avoid dry skin. I also drink a ton of water because I think that really helps as well!

  6. To combat dry skin, I put on a bit of oil straight from the shower. I also apply lotion before bed (when I remember!).

  7. I use a thicker body lotion because I have severely dry skin. I also keep my hands moisturized every time I wash them.

  8. I always moisturize with Curiel itch defense when I get out of the shower but I would really like to try this one.

  9. I deal with dry skin by using lotion, especially during the winter months. The cold dry air is brutal on my hands, causing them to crack and bleed at times!

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