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Family Hike in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Last weekend, Mark and I decided last minute to take the kids on a hike. Dexter asked on Saturday morning to “go into the mountains and have a picnic.” And with the unseasonably warm weather (we have had air conditioning on in the car!), we thought, “Why not?” and made our way up into Big Cottonwood Canyon.

We knew that it would be colder the higher up we went, so we made sure the kids had warm jackets, hats and mittens. We took extra diapers, a change of clothes for the baby, some snacks and the Moby wrap so that I could carry Chester up the hills.

Our destination was Donut Falls, a place my hubby used to go as a kid, and a popular destination. It’s supposed to be very beautiful, though me and the kids have yet to see it.

It turns out that the road leading to the trail head was closed, and it was about 1.5 miles to the trailhead. No big deal, though with two small kids and a baby in tow, it was definitely slow-going. And it was made all the harder when we realized that the road there was completely snow-covered. The kids were THRILLED.

We’ve had precious little snow here this season (our only snowfall lasted about 2 hours and was gone before the morning was over). As we walked along, the kids literally stopped every three feet to play. We realized very quickly that our preparation skills were severely lacking. The kids were in just sweatpants and sneakers with no socks. As such, they got very cold very quickly.

While we spent over two hours out in the canyon, in the end we had to turn back without seeing the falls. We were within a quarter mile of our destination, but the kids were suffering, we were tired and achy (at least I was, given the baby strapped to my chest!) and we were concerned about Chester being warm enough.

Still, it was an amazingly awesome adventure that we really enjoyed. We took so many photos along the way, and I even taped the drive up into the mountain, stunned at how we went from green and brown to snowy white in less than 9 miles. I went ahead and created a fun video of the experience. I hope you’ll watch and enjoy.

It was such a fun adventure, even if we missed out on the falls. Next time we’ll be sure to prepare properly!

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