Felt and Flannel Deer Wall Hanging

by Katie Reed
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In the winter, I’m all about crafting. It’s a way to make these cold days go by faster and keep them interesting since I hardly ever feel like leaving the house. And there’s something quite comforting in creating a pretty piece of decor that can make the winter days seem less dreary.

Some of my favorite winter crafting supplies include felt, flannel and wool. They are warm and soft and just scream “cozy” to me. With that in mind, here is a pretty rustic craft felt and flannel deer wall hanging that can jazz up your winter decor.

Felt and Flannel Deer Wall Hanging

Supplies needed:

large wood embroidery hoop
black or grey wool
flannel in choice of colors
hot glue, glue gun

Felt and Flannel Deer Wall Hanging


Begin by placing the wood embroidery hoop over the gray or black wool. Pull secure the loop in place and pull the sides of the wool tightly so it is wrinkle free and nice and smooth.

Felt and Flannel Deer Wall Hanging

Carefully trim the sides of the hoop with scissors so there isn’t extra fabric around the edges.

Cut out the head and antlers of your deer using your flannel fabric. You can create a head by cutting out a simple oval with a flat top. We created the antlers by cutting out some simple V shapes.

Felt and Flannel Deer Wall Hanging

Add some glue to the back of the head and press it to the center of the fabric/hoop.

Felt and Flannel Deer Wall Hanging

Smooth it out so it adheres wrinkle free. Add a dab of glue to the back of the antlers and place them directly above the head. Add extra glue if they begin to flop. Allow all flannel pieces to dry well before proceeding.

Felt and Flannel Deer Wall Hanging

You can finish by adding an optional piece of twine for hanging.

Once your felt pieces are dry, your flannel deer wall hanging is ready to be enjoyed.

Felt and Flannel Deer Wall Hanging

You can jazz up your deer by adding details such as a felt nose. I love the simple and rustic look of the finished project, and it looks really cute once hung on the wall.

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