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First “Bee-Day” Party Printable Invites and Cupcake Toppers

First “Bee-Day” Party Printable Invites and Cupcake Toppers

Planning for a first birthday can be crazy. Should you make a big deal out of it knowing they will never remember it? Or should you be a little more low-key? It’s a hard decision – especially nowadays where everyone expects photos and video on social media. With my fourth son having just turned six months old, I am trying to figure it all out, myself. But I am kind of leaning toward a fun but low key little party with our close family. And since we’re in Utah, the Beehive State, what better than a First “Bee-Day” Party?

First "Bee-Day" Party Printable Invites and Cupcake Toppers

Seriously, how adorable are these?? It’s a perfect party idea for girls OR boys, and it’s so adorable. You can really play it up with some black and yellow decor, and you can make little crafted bees for the kids to play with. Obviously I have these perfect little cupcake toppers you can use on the cupcakes, and you can even make the baked goods marbled black and yellow cake with bee-themed frosting!

Also, since babies are finally allowed honey at the age of one, you could have a lot of fun with his first taste!

I love how many ideas there are for this kind of party, but even if you haven’t got a lot of time, just printing out these easy invites and cupcake toppers will give just enough of a theme to make it feel special without requiring a lot of effort.

First "Bee-Day" Party Printable Invites and Cupcake Toppers

I mean, how adorable and simple is that invite? Just fill out the details and hand it off to your guests to let them know what’s happening. Don’t forget to keep one so you can give it to your child when they’re older as a little keepsake! I love to frame them for posterity. Haha

Click the photo to download the printable file, or just click hereFirst "Bee-Day" Party Printable Invites and Cupcake Toppers

For the cupcake toppers, just print on card stock and then cut them with a 2.5 inch puncher. Great instructions can be found here.

To download the file, click the photo below or just click here.

First "Bee-Day" Party Printable Invites and Cupcake Toppers

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