Five Amazing Apps To Make Mom Life Easier

by Katie Reed
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Moms today are so much more technologically savvy than in years past. While they may get a little criticism for spending time on their phones while their kids play on the playground, it’s got to be said that in this day and age, tech is helping many to be better parents. Whether you have questions about kids’ health or you are looking for ways to connect to other local moms, there are endless apps that can help you. Parenting in the age of smart phones makes it easier than ever for moms everywhere to get things done. Here are five amazing apps that all moms should be using.

1. MomCo App

It’s like Tinder for moms! This app is the ultimate in making new mom friends, planning play dates, and organizing Mom Night’s Out. It helps you to meet other local moms so that you can find the perfect new group to hang out with. It also connects you to local businesses and services so you can make the most of your local area’s deals. With forums to share and support, it’s exactly what moms need to get out and about.

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2. Happy Kids Timer

Once kids are old enough to walk and talk, they become almost impossible to control. They have a sense of independence that you don’t want to stifle, but at the same time, they take forever to get things done. Morning routines are the worst – especially with multiple children. Getting them dressed, brushing their teeth, gathering school supplies, etc can be overwhelming. Enter the Happy Kids Timer, an app they can control themselves that helps them walk through their morning routine. It features fun animations and music to keep them motivated to get through their daily activities so you can all get out the door on time.

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3. Trekaroo

When you’re out and about, especially in unfamiliar territory, it sometimes becomes a priority to find a kid-friendly activity or family-friendly place to eat. With Trekaroo, you can access lists of all the places around you to take the kids for a good time. You can even access reviews within the app to discover the best places to eat, sleep and play.


4. Kids Eat Free

Parents everywhere know the singular frustration of feeding an entire family. Going out to dinner can feel like a huge financial burden when you have multiple children. The Kids Eat Free app is perfect for those who want a handy list of all the places that – you guessed it! – kids eat free.

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5. Chore Monster

This app is perfect for younger kids, as it gets them in the habit of helping out around the house. It has individualized chore lists that are age-appropriate, and it incentivizes them to get things done. You can set up custom chore lists both daily and weekly to give kids a sense of accomplishment and set them on the course of doing their chores in the future.

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Remember – there’s an app for everything, and this list is definitely not exhaustive. Do a quick search in your app store, and you are certain to find an app for any problem you have. What are your favorite apps to use?

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