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Five Rides At Magic Kingdom That You Must Ride At Least Once

All of the parks at Disney are magical, but none of them are as magical as Magic Kingdom. It has so many great attractions, places to eat, and character meets. You can meet Cinderella, Rapunzel, Elsa, and Anna at Fairytale Hall and then hike over to have lunch with Bell and the Beast at their castle. Then you can whistle while you head over to the mine train and join the seven dwarves while they work.

That is just a sample of what you can do at Magic Kingdom. You can fly with Aladdin or cruise the jungle in Adventureland. Get wet riding Splash Mountain or ride the railroad in Frontierland. If you are feeling educational visit the Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square or you could help Stitch Escape in Tomorrowland. There is so much to see and do that is hard to figure out what to do first. Below is just a sample of attractions you must do at Magic Kingdom. Add a few or all to your list and have a magical time!

Pirates of the Caribbean

If you loved the movies, you must ride the ride. It is a calm ride as you ride past pillaged towns and pirate ships. The ride did come before the blockbuster movie but to appease the fans a Johnny Depp look alike was added a few years ago. This ride is for all ages, but it does have some gunfire which may scare the little kids. You will be amazed at the detail in the props and the song “A Pirate’s Life Is For Me” is quite catchy! Even though the lines get long I would not waste a Fastpass on this ride.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad takes you back to the old west. Sit back, hold onto your hat, and enjoy as a runaway train takes you through the barren landscape of the Old West. I would say it is for all ages as long as they meet the requirements, but it does go fast and kind of throws you around. If you have really young children you may want to ride swap. Again, this is Fastpass attraction but if you go early or late, you won’t need one.

Enchanted Tales With Belle

If you or your child loves Belle, you don’t want to miss this one. It is not a ride, but more of a journey. The special effects in this attraction are just amazing. You will meet characters from the beloved Disney movie “Beauty and The Beast” as they tell you a story. I don’t want to give too much away but just know that your child could get picked to participate in a very special event at the castle. At the end you will meet Belle in her beloved library. Unless you want to wait a very long time, Fastpass is definitely recommended.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Modeled a little bit after the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad you will speed your way to the mines where bright colors and the seven dwarfs are waiting for you. The ride slows down and the first thing you see is all of the colorful lights. As you move through the dwarfs do what they do best, work. All of them are there, so make sure to look for your favorite! As you continue through you will hear the all familiar “Hi Ho” and then the famous theme song “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go” starts as all the dwarves join in. The song sends you on your way to the next leg of the ride, where you pass by the cottage and see Snow White dancing with the dwarves. There is a surprise at the end but I don’t want to give away. This part thrill ride and part attraction. It is a must do and you definitely want to get a Fastpass.

The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

Hop in a clamshell and go on an adventure with Ariel! Meet all of your favorite characters as they sing and dance their way through the attraction. This is not a thrill ride, but more of a lazy boat ride. While most of the ride is happy and colorful, there is a dark sequence with Ursula that may scare young children. The animatronics on this ride is amazing and it is coupled with beloved screens of the movie. If you love The Little Mermaid this ride is a must for you and the whole family. Fastpasses are a must!

Bonus Rides-

It’s A Small World

It’s a Small World is one of Disney’s most infamous rides. Everyone has heard about it and millions of people have ridden it. Complete with old fashioned animatronics and THE song (yes, it really does get stuck in your head) It’s A Small World really is a ride that you have to ride at least once.

The Haunted Mansion

Take a journey through the Haunted Mansion on this famous ride. Another slow moving attraction that takes you through all the thrills and chills of the haunted mansion. Just be careful, you may pick up a hitchhiker or two!

Space Mountain

Space Mountain is a full on roller coaster that is really fun. Blast off into outer space as you speed through the dark. This ride is not for everyone due to it’s high speed and scary sequence. Faspasses are encouraged but if you time it right there isn’t that much of a wait.

Magic Kingdom really is the most magical place on earth. Spend the day, or spend a few days and make some memories that you will treasure forever!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.