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Five Staples of a Paleo Kitchen

by Katie Reed

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Five Staples of a Paleo Kitchen

There are tons of things you need to know when you start a Paleo lifestyle and one of the most important things is how to stock your kitchen! Between food items to always have on hand and kitchen utensils that are essential, you’ll want to know what to have in your Paleo kitchen! This list of things to have in your Paleo kitchen is life changing!

1. Almond Flour

Almond flour is a pretty big part of Paleo cooking, even if you don’t make any Paleo-friendly bread. There are lots of recipes that call for almond flour and you’ll definitely want to have some on hand!

2. Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is really great to have on hand as well! It’s used for many recipes and if you intend on doing on Paleo dessert baking, coconut flour is a must have! It’s also great for frying chicken in with some coconut oil for a nice, rich flavor!

3. Vegetable Spiralizer

This is especially great to keep in your Paleo kitchen if you are a former pasta-lover! This turns vegetables into “noodles” so you can still recreate a Paleo version of some of your favorite pasta dishes! It takes a lot of prep time out of the food which can be quite time consuming with Paleo!

4. A Good Spice Rack

Paleo cooking involves tons of spices and making your own flavors. If you don’t already have a good spice rack, you’ll definitely want to invest in one that can both hold all of your spices and be functional and easy to access.

5. Crock Pot

As mentioned before, Paleo cooking can take up quite a bit of time. While it’s an excellent and healthy way to eat, it can sometimes feel unpractical for someone who is struggling with the busy schedule in their life. Adding a Crock Pot to the mix can save you a ton of time and effort and you can even cook in bulk for the upcoming week! It’s a great way to make your Paleo kitchen more practical.

If you eat Paleo, what do you think are the most important kitchen gadgets to stock your kitchen with?

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