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Four Things To Look For When Buying Hiking Boots

Do you love hiking? Do you get to go often? If you’re newer to hiking, you may not realize that there is actual gear you should have on hand for your hiking trip. Aside from food, water and a quality backpack, you’ll also want to make sure you’ve got a good, quality pair of hiking boots. Taking care of your feet on a hiking trip is incredibly important. If they get hurt or injured in any way, you could easily find yourself stranded.

When looking for a good pair of hiking boots, there are certain things you’ll want to keep an eye out for. These qualities will help protect your feet and lessen how much they hurt when you stop to rest. Hiking a small distance is fine in tennis shoes, but for long hauls? You’ll need those boots!

Four Things To Look For When Buying Hiking Boots

Do they fit properly?

Having a pair of boots (or shoes even) that don’t fit correctly can cause significant damage to your feet. Make sure that the hiking boots you are looking at fit properly with socks. If you already know which socks you’ll be wearing when you’re hiking, make sure you’re wearing them when you try them on. If not, any pair of socks will do. Make sure that your feet don’t slide around the boot, that there is plenty of room to stretch your toes and that they don’t rub in any places that could create a blister.

Are the soles glued or sewn?

Glued soles don’t last as long as ones that are actually sewn on. Water and normal wear and tear can cause the sole to come right off of the bottom of the shoe either partially or completely and that is something that you do not want to have happen while on the hiking trail. Boots with soles that are sewn on do tend to cost more, but it is an investment well worth the extra cost.

Are your hiking boots waterproof?

The last thing that any hiker wants are wet feet, and when you’re hiking on rugged trails or through wooded areas, that is always a possibility. Wet feet can lead to semi-serious injury to the foot itself or can even cause your feet to slide around in your boots creating a fall hazard. Make sure that your boots are waterproof so that if you happen to step in a deep puddle or have to cross a creek, your feet stay snuggly dry.

Do they feel comfortable on your feet?

Lastly, make sure that the boots you buy are actually comfortable. You don’t want a sole that feels like it isn’t there or that provides no support when you step down. You won’t want a boot that hugs your ankles in an odd place making you constantly feel like you need to take them off. Instead, work to find a pair of boots that cushion your feet while providing the support that you need at the same time. Again, you might need to pay more for them, but when you’re out on the trail, you’ll be glad you did.

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