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Free Kids Football Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

Free Kids Football Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

For a lot of our friends, football is a religion. When it comes to their team, there is nothing that gets in the way of their support. So when it comes time for game day, distractions are not welcome. That includes children. But how do you keep kids from getting bored during a football game? Even when you try to indoctrinate them early, it can take years before little ones show a real interest in sports.

Luckily, I’ve come up with some fun and free printables to help keep kids busy while parents watch their games. Not only that, but it can help them with some great early educational skills like hand-eye coordination, letter recognition, reading, writing, design, critical thinking and more!

Plus, and here’s the best part of all – it can help give them an interest in football by introducing terms from the sport and allowing them to learn more and ask questions about what they don’t understand.

These pages are great for really young children who just want to color all the way up to older kids who want to challenge themselves with word searches or word scrambles. In fact, they can even be fun for grown-ups, too!

And for those who want to make the big game more interesting, there’s even a Super Bowl Pick’em thrown in there to see who can make the most predictions! This is fun for kids, as they love being right, but it’s even more fun for grown-ups, who can use these sheets to make friendly wagers with each other.

However you choose to use these sheets, I hope they come in useful. Print them off on regular computer paper, or make them more durable with some card stock if you’d like.

These are great if you’re hosting a big party and will have lots of kids around. Just print off a whole bunch of each sheet and grab some crayons, colored pencils, a few pens and you’re ready to go. If you run out (and let’s face it, kids will want more than one), just run to the printer and print off a few more.

My kids don’t even need the excuse of a football game to ask for these. They love designing their own team uniforms and helmets, coming up with a team name and they’ll sometimes even cut out their figures, stick them to a wooden craft stick and use them as puppets. I love seeing their imaginations at work.

One thing I really love about printables is that they are so easy to find and share. If you like these ones, I’d love it if you shared them. Feel free to share on Pinterest or Facebook, or even email the link to a friend. It takes me time to create these, and it’s nice to know they are useful to others, so definitely let me know in a comment if you want to see something specific! I’m always happy to make more!

coloring page featuring a football player kicking a ball

This design your own football uniform coloring page is a super fun one to color. It gives children the opportunity to focus on color and design. It allows their artistic side to come out and lets them think about patterns, symbols and other elements they want to include.

It also helps them focus on their hand-eye coordination and coloring within the lines, two skills that are important in early education. To download this sheet, simply click on the image above, or click here.

Helpful hint: Every printer is different, so for best results, make sure you use the “fit to page” setting so that the page prints in the best possible way. It shouldn’t have a problem, but just in case you have a problem, that should correct any issues.

child at a table coloring close up of hands
child at a table coloring close up of hands
child at a table coloring close up of hands

I really love seeing how each kid designs his or her uniform because they each have such a different take. Some are colorful and vibrant. Some are dark and mysterious. Some have patterns, some are solid. They each have their own ideas of what makes a great uniform, and all are amazing.

coloring page featuring a football helmet

The next page is similar to designing your own uniform, but this time it’s designing your own helmet. Once again, this one is all about coloring, so it uses all the same skills as the first page, but since it’s a much bigger space, the kids have more room to think about design elements.

To print this page, once again, simply click on the image above or click here.

child at a table coloring close up of hands
child at a table coloring close up of hands
child at a table coloring
coloring pages spread on a table

One thing that’s good to remind the kids is that their helmet design doesn’t have to match or coordinate with their uniform design. My boys got really stressed out because they were trying to match their helmets to a uniform they weren’t happy with, and it was keeping them from having fun. Letting them have the freedom to create a completely new design for their helmets really made it a better experience.

a football themed word scramble page

The football word scramble is great for kids who already know how to read. It’s going to be impossible for anyone who can’t, for obvious reasons, and it’s probably going to be difficult for anyone below 3rd grade. But it could be a fun one for parents to do with kids, and it was super fun for me to do with my first grader, as I was able to teach him little tricks about HOW to figure out these types of puzzles.

This printable comes with two per page, and the answers are actually on the side, so you can check if you get really stumped. It’s a great one to use if you are wanting to teach your kids about football terms so they can learn more about the game. Print by clicking the image or click here.

a page with a football themed word search

This football word search is just full of football terms. They run up, down, backwards, forward, and diagonally. Again, this one is probably best for older kids, as it can be frustrating for those who get stressed with a challenge. But it’s quite fun for older elementary kids, and honestly it’s fun for the grown-ups!

I actually use these at football parties as halftime games, and the first one to complete gets a prize. It’s a fun bit of competition that’s always a hit.

To print, click the image or click here.

child hunched over a page at a table
child hunched over a word search
child doing a word search at a table

Don’t go cheating and looking at the answers, now!

FINALLY, the last printable is this fun Super Bowl Pick’em. It’s a simplified version of one we’ve used in the past for the grown ups, and it’s a good way to get kids to pay attention during the big game. Since they basically have no idea what’s going on, this is a good way to get them to watch more carefully.

Simply give everyone one of these sheets before the game starts (the printable has two per page) and let them fill out their predictions. Offer up a fun prize to whomever gets the most correct answers, and suddenly they’ll be totally invested in every aspect from beginning to end. Yay! It’s also a great opportunity to teach them about the game since they’ll likely have no idea what all of these terms mean.

The great news is that almost all of these questions have a 50/50 shot of being right, so their odds of winning are as good as anyone else’s!

To print, click the image above or click here.

If you want to just print a specific page, just click the link for the page you want below.