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Free Printable Christmas Mandala Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids

Free Printable Christmas Mandala Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids

Mandalas are a great way to de-stress and find your inner peace. These intricate designs look beautiful and can be very spiritually meaningful. You can bring mandalas into your home by having some coloring pages on hand so you can color them in any time you would like! These Christmas Mandala Coloring Pages are perfect for the holidays. Color them in, and frame them to hang them up as fun handmade Christmas decorations!

Mandalas are said to help with focus and concentration, as well as promote a sense of inner peace. The repetitive nature of coloring in the same design can be soothing, and it can be a great way to “zone out” for a little while. Mandalas can also be used as a form of meditation; focusing on the design can help you to clear your mind and find some inner contentment.

If you’re looking for a way to relax and de-stress, consider giving mandalas a try! Download these free Christmas Mandala Coloring Pages, and print them out to color at home. Hang it up in a place where you can see it easily, and give it a try the next time you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

cute christmas mandala coloring page that has a busy design with a christmas tree in the center
cute christmas mandala coloring page with a large wreath that is also a clock
cute winter themed christmas coloring page with house and trees

Christmas and the entire holiday season can be really stressful. Whether it’s the burden of hosting, the financial strain of buying presents, the overwhelm of cooking and cleaning, or the pressure to make the holidays magical for your family, it’s easy to feel a lot of tension and strain. But adult coloring pages or even coloring books can be a great way to just chill out and relax after hours or when you have a bit of time to sit down and put your feet up.

When it comes to reducing stress, coloring can be a very effective way to do so. The act of coloring helps to stimulate the part of the brain that is responsible for relaxation and calmness. Additionally, coloring can help to take your mind off of stressful thoughts and allow you to relax. The act of coloring can be very therapeutic and calming, which can help you release stress in a positive way.

cute christmas mandala coloring page with a candy cane that says merry christmas
cute christmas mandala coloring page with a filled stocking
cute christmas mandala coloring page with deer

Not only is coloring relaxing, but it has been shown to decrease levels of stress by up to 68%. It does so by taking your mind off of your stressors and allowing you to focus on something else. When you are stressed, your body is in a heightened state and is releasing cortisol, which is a hormone that can have negative effects on the body. By coloring, you can help to lower cortisol levels and reduce the amount of stress that you are feeling. By lowering stress, you can also reduce the amount of times that you have a headache or feel irritable.

This free adult coloring book is perfect for kids, too! There are plenty of pages that aren’t too fussy that can be easily colored in by elementary kids. They’re sure to have a ball.

I highly suggest printing these pages out on good quality printer paper that can handle whatever medium you choose to color with. I use HP Premium 32 lb paper, as it is lovely and thick and perfect for colored pencils. As for pencils, you can do very well with Crayola, or you can spend more and go for something like Faber Castell.

cute mandala christmas coloring page with woman
cute snowman coloring page
cute christmas mandala coloring page with goose

Hopefully you will love these coloring pages and have a great time coloring them in as you enjoy the holiday season. Obviously we couldn’t fit every page on here, but I hope these images give you a nice preview of what’s inside. Don’t forget to download the full 50-Page Christmas Mandala Coloring Book before you go. If you don’t have time right now, you can bookmark this page or save it to your favorite printables pinterest board!