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Free Printable Dolch Sight Words Flash Cards

Free Printable Dolch Sight Words Flash Cards

Reading is the most vital skill that a human can learn. Without being literate, a person will have trouble leading a productive life. The Dolch Sight Words are the perfect way to help each young learners how to read through memorizing common words that they otherwise may not be able to decipher through traditional methods.

Most children are expected to be able to read simple sentences and stories by the end of first grade, which will help set them up for every subject they will learn in the next years. Reading is not only important for enjoying stories or deciphering warnings, but it also is imperative to be able to take in other word problems in math, science and more. By the end of third grade, kids should be able to read nearly anything.

While there are rules to reading, including phonetic sounding out and the six-syllable rule, sight words do not follow these rules, making them more difficult to learn without practice.

These Dolch Sight Words flash cards are easy to print at home and use to help your little one read.

To use these flash cards, simply print them out (I recommend using card stock) and cut them into their individual cards. I have included each sight word appropriate to the grade level, as well as a selection of blank cards that you can use to create your own flash cards.

Another great way to use these cards is to print them out and laminate them. Then let your child use a dry-erase marker to trace the words or write their own on the blanks. Writing things helps to memorize them, and it can allow your child to practice their penmanship as well as their reading skills.

Download your set of sight words below.

Pre-K Dolch Sight Words (40 words)

Kindergarten Dolch Sight Words (52 words)

First Grade Dolch Sight Words (41 words)

Second Grade Dolch Sight Words (46 words)

Third Grade Dolch Sight Words (41 words)

What Are Dolch Sight Words?

The Dolch Sight Words list is the most common list of sight words used by educators. Named for Dr. Edward William Dolch, they were developed in the 1930s when he studied the most frequently used words in children’s books at the time.

How Many Dolch Sight Words Are There?

In total, there are 315 Dolch Sight Words, comprised of 220 “service words” (pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and verbs) and 95 high-frequency nouns. The word list comprises 80% of all words you would find in a typical children’s book.

How Are Dolch Words Broken Down?

Dolch Sight Words are generally divided by age group or grade level. There are lists of words for Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second and Third Grades. There is also a list of nouns which form their own list.

What Is the Difference Between Dolch Sight Words and Sight Words?

Sight words are words that do not follow the general spelling rules. They must be memorized because one can’t easily sound them out using the typical rules. Being able to easily recognize sight words means a young reader will be more fluent in their reading.

What is The Difference Between Dolch Words and Fry Words?

The Dolch Word list has not been updated in decades. The Fry list is more current and comprehensive, as it includes 1,000 words, which are arranged based on frequency and broken down into groups of 100.

Download flash cards for the first 100 sight words here.

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