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Free Printable Easter Math Worksheets

Free Printable Easter Math Worksheets

Get your child excited about math early with these free printable Easter math worksheets! Each page is designed to help your young learner with counting, basic addition, comparing and grouping. The Easter-themed worksheets are aimed at Kindergarten or even earlier.

I love seeing my kid doing math problems, and I based these worksheets on the types of Kindergarten math worksheets I’ve seen him do for school. There are eight pages in this workbook, making it perfect as a fun and educational packet leading up to the Easter holiday.

Each page features different math concepts, which helps your young learner to identify numbers, count, skip count and group. These are important for a foundational knowledge of math as they go up through each grade level.

easter math worksheet featuring counting and number finding

The first page is made for teaching your child to count, as well as identifying the correct number from three choices. Simply count each picture on each line and choose which number matches the total.

Easter math worksheet with counting and grouping

Page two is all about grouping. Your child will count how many of each item there are and write the number in the given boxes. Then, they must add them all up to find the total.

Easter math worksheet to identify how many bunnies or baby chicks there are

Page three shows the child how to count and how to add. They must count how many of each item there is and write the answer on the line.

Next up, this is a handy sheet for practicing skip-counting. Skip counting is when you count by a given number such as 2s or 5s. Figuring out the pattern and writing down the missing number will give your child a huge sense of accomplishment.

Easter math worksheet with basic addition problems

The next page once again works on counting and addition skills. Simply count the eggs on each side of the plus sign and add them together to get the total.

Easter math worksheet with identifying shapes and counting

How many Easter eggs are there? This exercise helps your child to pick out specific objects among others and to add them together.

Easter math worksheet featuring comparison of big and small eggs

Comparing big eggs to small eggs helps your child learn to differentiate between sizes, count, group and compare. These concepts are perfect for early learners.

draw an Easter egg math game

The final page features an empty box for your child to draw in. They must follow the directions to draw an Easter egg with very specific features. See how well they can stick to what is asked, and marvel at their creativity.

To use these pages, simply print them out on regular printer paper and give them to your child. The Easter math pages will get them excited, and the fun games will keep them interested.

Teaching your child math at home can be hard. But with these Easter math printables, you can easily help them along.

To download, simply click here or on the photo below.

math worksheet featuring cute easter bunny and eggs

Have fun and don’t forget to share!

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