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Free Printable Monster Math Practice Games

Free Printable Monster Math Practice Games

Getting kids to practice math skills can be difficult. The older they get, the harder it seems to be. But when you turn math practice into a fun game, you can make it a little easier to keep them interested. These math games are perfect for elementary age kids around second to third grade who are learning multiplication.

The great thing about these type of math games is that you can easily change them up to create your own challenges. In fact, as an added bonus, I have even created a completely blank version of these games so you can add your own problems to solve appropriate to your child’s age. Just print the blanks and write in your own!

Or, even better, print the blank pages on card stock, and then laminate the pages and use some dry erase markers to write different math problems for each time you want to play the game. You can change it up each time without having to print them again and again.

Monster Math Game Printable

For the first game, we have Roll a Monster, where your child can use a die to create their very own monster creation. Follow the instructions on the sheet to add features to your monster depending on the number rolled.

This game helps the child with reading, interpretation, following instructions and addition. It also lets them be creative and think outside the box. It is a solo game, so it can be done even when there’s no one else around.

Monster Math Game Printable

The second game requires at least two players, but it can be played with more. For two players, you can both use the same sheet or print one for each child. For more than two players, it’s best to print multiple copies. If you do choose to print just one sheet, give each child his/her own color so they can keep track of who is covering which square.

The rules for this game are simple. Take turns rolling two dice. Multiply the numbers and work out the solution. If correct, that child gets to cover the number and continue their turn. If they get it wrong, play passes to the next player.

Once a player covers four in a row, they win!

Monster Math Game Printable

Game three is more like a board game, and it requires 2-3 players, some play pieces (these can be anything) and a die. Players take turns rolling the die and moving that many spaces. They must work out the math problem they land on. If they are correct, they move forward that number of spaces. If incorrect, they stay where they are.

If they land on a monster, they must go back to the last monster on the board. If they land on the first monster, they go back to the beginning.

Monster Math Game Printable

The final game is a fun brain exercise for one person. It has two cards full of numbers. For the first card, the idea is to roll a die, double the number and then cover the answer on the card. The second card has the same idea, except you roll a die, double the number and add one, then cover the answer on the card.

The idea is to try to cover all the numbers on the card. Set a timer and see how fast they can get them all done. Each day, try and beat the previous day’s time. Eventually, your child will get so good at it, they’ll be able to do it in their head with no problem at all.

I hope you love these games. You can download them all here in one easy file. Or download the blank file here.

Don’t forget to share with anyone who has young kids in need of a little home math practice!

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