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Free Printable Scavenger Hunts For Kids

Free Printable Scavenger Hunts For Kids

Sometimes, I really want to do something F-U-N with my kiddos, but I’m out of ideas or money. And at those times, these awesome printable home scavenger hunt ideas come in really handy!

The great thing about scavenger hunts is that they change every time you do them! No matter how often you do the same list, you will find new things each time. I love that about them. We try not to get too specific with these things because they take the fun out of it if you do.

Think about it – if your list asks you to look for the turquoise watering can out behind the shed, your kids are all going to find the exact same item every single time. But if the list asks them to look for something useful for feeding plants, it forces them to use their big brains and creativity. They might choose that turquoise watering can, or they might find plant food, a shovel, a happy little bee, some cow poop – you get the idea.


These printable pages are each focused on areas that are easy to do in or around your home.

The Back Yard Scavenger Hunt doesn’t necessarily have to be in your back yard. It can be around the neighborhood or in a park if you fancy it. The idea is that it should be outside where they can get into nature and see the plants and animals around them.

I hope I don’t need to remind you, but if the list includes something they are allergic to – bees or pollen or something like that – give it a miss.

The Book Scavenger Hunt is a personal favorite. Just grab up some books with your child – picture books are great for younger kids, and older kids can choose chapter books – then go through the list looking for each item.

This one is great for helping them to learn skim reading, which is an awesome skill to have. It also helps them learn to retain information, as they can think back on books they’ve read and try to remember where they’ve seen these scenes before and try to find them again.

The Five Senses Scavenger Hunt is a great one for teaching the young children about their senses, and it’s even a good one for children with sensory issues. It can help them sort through different sensations and discuss each one and how it makes them feel.

This one can be done as a traditional scavenger hunt, or it can be used as a form of messy play. Just gather items that fit each description on the list and let the children play and interact with them. It can be a great play date!

The Indoor Scavenger Hunt is nice on a rainy day or any time you’re otherwise stuck indoors. It keeps kids busy when you are getting work done or need them distracted for a time. But it’s also great to do it together or in teams.

Most items on this list can be found in any home, but a few may be missing from yours. If that’s the case, feel free to skip it or find a substitution. Getting creative is all part of the fun!

The Math Scavenger Hunt is one of the more educational games in this booklet, and it’s great for older elementary aged children. Younger children will probably not be interested, as they won’t recognize the math concepts. For them, I may suggest something like our Classroom Bingo to help them learn.

This scavenger hunt requires them to look through books, magazines, newspapers and other places to find specific math concepts. It is a great way to help them solidify their understanding of what each concept actually is.

Finally, we have my kids’ favorite – the Rainbow Scavenger Hunt. This one is as easy as anything, but it has so much potential for fun – especially if you have multiple children and tell them that no two kids can choose the same items.

The list requires them to find items of every color of the rainbow, so it’s a great way for younger children to learn their colors. It also asks for specific items of certain colors, so that can be fun, as well. If you don’t have the items in question, you can get the kids to simply name an item that fits the description, and that works just fine.

Finally, it asks them to find a rainbow. This is certainly the most fun because the kids generally have a great time looking for one. Keep in mind, finding an actual rainbow can be difficult, but there are lots of ways to find them outside of the traditional rainstorm.

Look for them:

  • where light is shining off of glass such as hanging crystals, eyeglasses, watches, phones, etc
  • where water is spraying in the sun such as a sprinkler or hose
  • where there is oil and water mixing on the ground such as around older cars with leaky engines

If all that fails, try having a printed or hand-drawn rainbow that you hide around the house each time, and let the kids find it.

Scavenger hunts are SO MUCH FUN. I truly hope you love these ones and have lots of enjoyment with your kiddos. Don’t forget to share them with other moms.

Melissa Taylor

Monday 18th of May 2020

these are fantastic!